Passing by that lonely street,
I noticed a girl very sweet,
It was raining heavily,
But, she was dancing freely,
Splashing the water,
Here and there,
Droplets on her cheeks,
Droplets on her hairs,
Some were about to drop,
Some were tracing the path,
The lightning struck,
Reflected from her glittering eyes,
Mixed with the thousand watt smile,
Hit me right into my heart,
‘N’ I was thunderstruck….



5 Responses to

  1. ajit says:

    good one!!! liked it !!!

  2. VIVEK says:

    deep inside heart
    it was like thousand feeble sparks
    air filled with aroma
    like thousand roses in the hall
    memories blinked like
    twinkling stars
    when i seen in her eyes
    in that thunder storm
    moment she smiled seeing
    clouds in the sky
    i seen fairy blue birds passing
    infornt of my eyes
    chanting of birds were holding my ears
    when she holded my hand in little fear
    when i seen in her eyes
    in that thunder storm…….


  3. Ravish says:

    finally, i could write something which was conforming to ur standards. main dhanya hua aj..;)

    well written Yakastu..really liked it..


  4. Dheeraj says:

    nice kakke !

    dilbara e dilbara
    apan ki tu
    apun tera

    par ye dilbara hai kaun ??

  5. Ravish says:

    jaani..dilbara kaun hai ye ek aisa raaz hai jo mujhe bhi nahi maloom..


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