2 hours…15 Kms….Avg Speed=?

Some people spend extra hours in traveling from once place to other everyday. The journey might be for the daily bread or to meet someone or to attend a business meeting etcetera. This mundane journey becomes pretty exciting when ‘people of interest’ meet on the way. It becomes even more exciting when a boy meets a girl. Now, it becomes inevitable to declare that I am not going to write the review of ‘Jab We Met’ released already. This is the story shot three years back in a bus. The journey lasted for 2 hours because the distance to be traveled was quite less.

Utkarsha was sitting alone on a seat which could accommodate two persons easily. Two people can sit even more comfortably if one is a beautiful girl and the other is our own shy guy Utkarsha. So, all the boys had already occupied their positions.

She stepped up the bus. Sunlight was creating an aura around her. Her hairs covered a part of her face. Everybody leaned a bit forward just to have a closer look. She looked around and as her eyes moved around and made contact with the people sitting inside, she found most of them looking at her. But, there was a guy who was still looking outside the window. She took off her sunglasses and went close to him. She asked if she can sit on the seat next to him. Utkarsha agreed immediately.

The engine roared along with the heart of Utkarsha. The city had bad roads and it helped both of them to come close to each other quite frequently. They kept exchanging apologies but both of them were felling good about it (assumption). The weather was pleasant but Utkarsha started sweating. First he loosened his tie and then opened the knot. The journey was smoother now as the bus had passed the bumpy part. He suddenly felt that her head was resting on his shoulders. The heartbeat accelerated with that of the bus and blood flow suddenly increased (repercussions). Utkarsha face became red and the body temperature rose. Then he looked askance at her. She was asleep, her head on her shoulders, her hands holding his arms. He was feeling better now. He took all the precautions so that she didn’t get awake.

After some time she got awake. She apologized once. Then both of them became silent. Her destination had come so, she got up to leave. She gave him a smile. Utkarsha thought he would ask for her phone number but what came out of his mouth was, “See you”. She said “Sure, I am Akansha. Nice meeting you. Bye” and left. Utkarsha felt as if the time spent in the bus was infinitesimally small but his watch indicated that it had been two hours. Perhaps the bus traveled at a huge speed. Anyway, the hangover of the journey was still taking its toll.

Now, Utkarsha’s stop came. He stepped down and after 5 minutes he realized that he left his specs, tie and a folder in the bus itself (Result). May be it was the cost you have to pay when someone beautiful shares a seat with you (Inference).


4 Responses to

  1. Scorpion says:

    Every time you write, its better than last time. Keep rolling, let us have the opportunity to read your writings.

  2. vivek says:

    good twist at end ; not ended like girl forgeting he r dairy and our hero goes her home give it back….



  3. Anonymous says:

    a humorous one after a laang time

  4. Anonymous says:

    i know this Utkarsha very well i suppose:-) gud one kaks

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