Life as I see it

Me with myself,

can’t comprehend anything,
thinking about you again.

Lying in the bed,
Fighting with the subconscious.

After a long time,
The fight is won.

Nobody’s around,
The memory remains.

Missed it again,
Efforts wasted.

To get to the target,
Will win again.

Something shouldn’t have happened,
Nobody controls the future.

Walking fast on the crowded street,
Good news in the offing.

Something is special,
I am loving it.

Reflections of my inner self,
Will fight for them.

Again and Again,
I never give up.

Moves on,
Me in sync with it.


Hello Motto

Utkarsha had been busy for quite sometime. He was bored of what he was doing. He was not interested but he had been doing it for the heck of it. He was sitting alone on the terrace watching the twinkling stars and the shining moon. The breeze was caressing his face and hairs. He didn’t want to think about what had been happening or what had happened to him. He didn’t want to think about the past; he didn’t want to plan for future; he wanted to enjoy the present; he wanted to celebrate the present. He switched on his I-Pod. The starry night, the shining moon; the breeze and the music, everything looked prefect. Utkarsha could not stop himself from sleeping although he wanted to be awake for the whole night.

In his dreams, he found himself standing in the middle of a road. He had never been to this place before. He thought of reaching to some familiar place. He chose a direction after some calculations. As he started walking, he noticed an old man hammering the floor inside the premise of his house. He went close to him. He was completely immersed in what he was doing. Utkarsha said, “You look tired. Do you not find this job boring?” The old main replied, “No, I do not find this work boring. I don’t find it tiring because I will plant flowers after breaking this concrete floor. I will give life to this place. What do you do?” Utkarsha didn’t reply. He moved ahead thinking about the motive of his life.

The he saw his girlfriend with another guy. He felt as if he would die immediately. But, then he noticed the smile on her face. The way she was speaking; the way her lips were moving; he couldn’t figure out what she was telling to the guy with her but she was happy. He smiled at her and she returned the favor. They greeted each other. Utkarsha moved forward. Suddenly, he noticed his parents. They had come to the market for some regular shopping. Utkarsha didn’t go close to them. He kept watching them. Then his brother and sister joined his parents. He thought that they are the most lovable people he has with him. He started walking again thinking that love is something which inspires to live. You don’t expect anything in return but you can sacrifice everything for it.

He was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he didn’t realize that he was standing in the middle of the road. A huge truck came running and crushed Utkarsha under its enormous weight. He was dead.

Utkarsha was awake. His heartbeat was running at the highest speed. The sun was shining. Utkarsha thought that why we waste our life in doing what we don’t love. Just for a better life; just for some more money. The life is so unpredictable. So, why not do what we love, why not smile and bring smile to the faces of people we love. At least, it will keep you happy for today and nobody has seen tomorrow. He stood up and said to himself, “Hello MOTTO”.


Yet Another Story

Like the sun rises every day and sets on the same day; like the Monday comes after every seven days; like a new year starts after every 365 days normally and after 366 days if it’s a leap year; like the age increases after every 365 days normally and after 366 days if it’s a leap year; Valentine days has come again. Being a human who has passed 26 years in this beautiful world, it becomes my responsibility to tell a story about a boy who started wearing fluorescent green t-shirt at some point of time which belonged to the valentine day and ended up wearing a fluorescent red T-shirt at some point of time which also belonged to the valentine day.

But, I must tell you at this point of time which does not belong the valentine day that he wore green because he was single and looking and he wore red because he was still single but not looking. People with ‘fragile’ hearts please don’t stop reading this because it is not the story which says a single word about a heart break but tells that if you fall for someone, it doesn’t matter she/he doesn’t share the same interest with you.

They were good friends. Anurag and Anumeha were just good friends. None of them realized that they liked each other. They would meet everyday and talk about the things; they would take each other’s advice; they would tell each other about their latest crush; they would ask each other about the things they should do and what shouldn’t; they would play pranks with each other.

Anurag had got a crush on a girl whom he had not really seen but her pictures on the internet looked really beautiful. After all beauty is the first thing guys fall for. He tried to contact her but as expected she was not interested and Anurag himself couldn’t give any convincing reasons to himself. Then he told his feelings to Anumeha. He though Anumeha might help him in approaching her. Anumeha tried to help her and during one these discussions Anurag realized that he likes Anumeha. Crushes happen but he can’t even sleep well if he doesn’t talk to Anumeha; the first thought which comes to his mind when he wakes up in the morning was about Anumeha.

On a bright and sunny day he told Anumeha that he likes her. She couldn’t believe him that he was telling her the truth. He kept trying to convince her but he failed. Then he thought that one day she would also realize it. They did meet everyday; they did talk as they used to do; Anurag loved her as he used to. He still likes her but he knows that that feelings can be one sided also and one should cherish this feeling. Every valentine’s day he would give her a red rose and ask her to be his valentine. He had been doing this for the last three years. But, this is a leap year. In a leap year, the girl has to gift the flowers to the boy. Let’s see what happens……


Life on a fast track

When I was a kid I lived every moment more than I wanted to. That was the time when I did wait for the next moment because I had enough for the current moment. But, now I always fall short of time in a moment. Life is running at a speed not enough to reach the next station at the right time. I am not done with the current moment and the next moment comes and it keeps coming. I keep struggling. I keep fighting.

On the last day of every year, I feel like a new life is going to start from the next day. But, nothing changes. We celebrate and it passes by. Second by second; minute by minute; day by day, time runs away from me and I keep running behind it with a hope that I will have enough time in the next moment.

Plans, dreams, aspirations,
Some come true,
Some left behind,
Left behind but not forgotten,
Still in my mind,
The memory remains,
Memories sweet ‘n’ sour,
Of what I got,
Of what I lost,
One by one weeks and months pass by,
I don’t find time,
To celebrate for some more time,
To repent again for the lost time,
Every now and then,
I live a moment,
With a sense of Déjà vu,
‘Coz the memory is still afresh,
With the events happened long back,
Suddenly I realize,
I am running out of time,
Then I gear up,
To chase,



Passing by that lonely street,
I noticed a girl very sweet,
It was raining heavily,
But, she was dancing freely,
Splashing the water,
Here and there,
Droplets on her cheeks,
Droplets on her hairs,
Some were about to drop,
Some were tracing the path,
The lightning struck,
Reflected from her glittering eyes,
Mixed with the thousand watt smile,
Hit me right into my heart,
‘N’ I was thunderstruck….


2 hours…15 Kms….Avg Speed=?

Some people spend extra hours in traveling from once place to other everyday. The journey might be for the daily bread or to meet someone or to attend a business meeting etcetera. This mundane journey becomes pretty exciting when ‘people of interest’ meet on the way. It becomes even more exciting when a boy meets a girl. Now, it becomes inevitable to declare that I am not going to write the review of ‘Jab We Met’ released already. This is the story shot three years back in a bus. The journey lasted for 2 hours because the distance to be traveled was quite less.

Utkarsha was sitting alone on a seat which could accommodate two persons easily. Two people can sit even more comfortably if one is a beautiful girl and the other is our own shy guy Utkarsha. So, all the boys had already occupied their positions.

She stepped up the bus. Sunlight was creating an aura around her. Her hairs covered a part of her face. Everybody leaned a bit forward just to have a closer look. She looked around and as her eyes moved around and made contact with the people sitting inside, she found most of them looking at her. But, there was a guy who was still looking outside the window. She took off her sunglasses and went close to him. She asked if she can sit on the seat next to him. Utkarsha agreed immediately.

The engine roared along with the heart of Utkarsha. The city had bad roads and it helped both of them to come close to each other quite frequently. They kept exchanging apologies but both of them were felling good about it (assumption). The weather was pleasant but Utkarsha started sweating. First he loosened his tie and then opened the knot. The journey was smoother now as the bus had passed the bumpy part. He suddenly felt that her head was resting on his shoulders. The heartbeat accelerated with that of the bus and blood flow suddenly increased (repercussions). Utkarsha face became red and the body temperature rose. Then he looked askance at her. She was asleep, her head on her shoulders, her hands holding his arms. He was feeling better now. He took all the precautions so that she didn’t get awake.

After some time she got awake. She apologized once. Then both of them became silent. Her destination had come so, she got up to leave. She gave him a smile. Utkarsha thought he would ask for her phone number but what came out of his mouth was, “See you”. She said “Sure, I am Akansha. Nice meeting you. Bye” and left. Utkarsha felt as if the time spent in the bus was infinitesimally small but his watch indicated that it had been two hours. Perhaps the bus traveled at a huge speed. Anyway, the hangover of the journey was still taking its toll.

Now, Utkarsha’s stop came. He stepped down and after 5 minutes he realized that he left his specs, tie and a folder in the bus itself (Result). May be it was the cost you have to pay when someone beautiful shares a seat with you (Inference).

Of Peaks and Oasis

“I don’t want to climb the highest peak and ultimately find that there is only snow around. I don’t want to leave the most beautiful things behind to be alone when I reach the acme.” Utkarsha said.
“That is one way for you to console yourself. Just because you are scared to climb it or you have already tried and fell down real bad, you are giving reasons. You should accept the reality.” Anugrah Said.
“You can assume anything.” Utkarsha mumbled.
“That is the bitter truth.” Anugrah snapped.
“I would rather search for an oasis in the desert which will have all the things I often dream of.” Utkarsha said.
“Every desert doesn’t have an oasis and every dream doesn’t become a reality.” Anugrah replied.
“I am not searching in that one and I have realized my dreams earlier also.”, Utkarsha said.
“Try. May be you will get lucky and find one”, Anugrah said.
“Thanks. I will surely do. I won’t let me disappoint myself.” Utkarsha replied.