Such is life!

Sometimes you want something,
You try hard,
You get very close to it,
You want it from the deep in your heart,
You run behind it,
But you can’t catch up,
And then you stand still,
Tired, out of breath,
Clasping the air with your hands,
Such is life…

You come back,
Thinking about it,
You are not interested,
In anything,
But then you start learning,
To live without it,
Such is life…

Sometimes you crave for something,
And when you get it,
You look back,
Like a mountaineer would do,
After conquering the highest peak,
You realize that,
There is only snow around,
You have left many beautiful things behind,
Such is life…

Sometimes you get something,
You question the god,
Why? Why? Why you?
You cry,
But, you are the chosen one,
And it’s a written rule,
That god doesn’t respond,
You learn to live with it,
And then you thank the almighty,
For choosing you,
Such is life…


4 Responses to

  1. Partha (PPD) says:

    Nice one….More on ‘Such is Life’ quoted.

    // Life isn’t fair, what happened to you isn’t fair, but you need to accept it and go on.

    It is used to soften one’s disappointment. It comes from the French ‘C’est la vie,’ which is often used, too.

    ‘Such is life, That’s life’ is a variant. //

  2. Manas says:


  3. Madhvi says:

    ye hi life hai bhai….kabhi kabhi bahut dukh deti aur kabhi achanak hi bahut saari khushiya..take life as it comes…..[:)]

  4. Kishan says:

    sahi hai kakka… I rate this as one of your best on the philosophical side…

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