Walkin’ on the Edge

When you are walking straight,
You cannot turn right,
You cannot turn left,
And you cannot go back.
‘Coz u got to take the turn,
Either left or right,
And you don’t know,
How to do a Somersault,
You are Walkin’ on the edge.

When you prefer your eyes to be closed,
‘Coz you don’t want to see,
How deep the valley is,
When you don’t know,
If you are going to survive,
The very next moment,
‘Coz you feet are bleeding,
‘Coz your eyes are closed,
You are walking on the edge.

When you have the courage,
To face the next moment,
With a smile,
Even if you are hurt,
When you start believing that,
A Win or a lose,
Is not a part of the game,
‘Coz what matters now is,
To continue moving ahead,
You are Walkin’ on the Edge.