We do need no cowardice




“Hey, what are you doing?” A friend asked.
“I’m counting down. Isn’t that obvious?” He mumbled.
“Yeah, it is. But, why are you doing it?” the friend had just got inquisitive.
“And what are you trying to see on the road?” He came close to the window. Now both of them were trying to find out something on the road.
“But, what are you waiting for?” The friend asked again.
“Anurag, would you mind to be a little patient. Just keep your eyes on the road and wait”, Utkarsha replied.

A shadow appeared on the road which gradually took the shape of a girl who was passing through that road. She was totally immersed in her thoughts. She had books in one hand and the other hand was busy in helping her hairs to fight with the wind. It was already 10:30 PM. The weather was pleasant. It was a full moon light.

“Ohh. So, you’re waiting for her.” Anurag said.
“Yeah, she passes through this road every day always immersed in her thoughts. I couldn’t wait to see her so I started counting down with the hope that as soon as I reach zero, she’d appear.” Utkarsha replied.

Suddenly, they heard somebody crying for help. Utkarsha and Anurag rushed downstairs and what they saw was disgusting. A group of local boys had surrounded the girl. She was scared, she was crying but there was nobody who could muster courage to raise a voice against the mob. Utkarsha and Anurag looked into each other’s eyes and they ran towards the girl. As soon as they reached close to her, Utkarsha whispered into her ear
“We are here to help you. Don’t worry.”
The mob got angry at the audacity of these young boys. They started beating them. The boys did fight back. They fought until they could see anything and then they became unconscious.

The next day when Utkarsha opened his eyes he found himself in a hospital. He got up and asked the nurse how did he reach the hospital. The nurse told him that while fighting with the mob he and his friend got fainted. Their courage inspired many other people, who were spectators, to come to their rescue.

“What happened to the girl? How is Anurag?”, Utkarsha asked.
Nurse: Both of them are fine. But, I want to ask one question. What motivated you to risk your life and save the girl?
Utkarsha: Humanity. Even if I had died in saving her, I would have had no regrets.

Every now and then we keep getting the news that someone poured acid on a girl’s face, somebody killed a girl because he had loved and the girl refused, somebody abducted a lady form a public place, somebody killed someone in a public place, but nobody ever raises his voice against these incidents. We just keep discussing these and the we forget. Even if you die while fighting against these demons, wouldn’t it be a martyrdom? Even state level parties have started supporting such mean incidents. The attitude should change now and we ‘THE LIVING’ can do it.

Rang De Basanti…..



4 Responses to

  1. Madhvi says:

    very very nice blog…this is the best way to inspire people for protest against today’s atmosphere.

  2. Shruti says:

    Most of these incidences involving violence on fairer sex are fleeting and secretive, until it is an extreme situation of mass crime. How can someone help without even knowing that on their back, a lady has been blackmailed in her own car by a cynical deformed humanity.

  3. Ravish says:


    I intended to say is that u shudn’t be a spectator now.


  4. Dheeraj says:

    Nice and inspiring blog and good point shruti about the secretive violence … everything is very nicely said here, but anyone who is traveling alone be it fairer or the darker sex has to take his/her own responsibility.

    few things to keep in mind –

    1. if traveling by an auto alone and route seems to be a lonely one, please get engaged in a conversation with a friend over the phone and keep him/her updated with your whereabouts. this way you are making the autodriver know that he can be tracked down and be punished if he does something stuipid.
    2. fairer sex, there are few self defence products available in the market such as A spray, a electric shock device and few more options … please please make use or them, keep them in your bags.
    3.in case anyone is blackmailed by someone please please reach out to your friends and family whosoever is you trust, before that cynic does something stupid.
    4. never be afraid about calling for help, as without that no one has supernatural powers to know that something is happening to you.

    ‘self defence is the best defence’

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