The Blogger and the Beautiful

There was a male blogger and there was another male blogger and there were many other male bloggers. There was a lady who was a blogger and there was another lady who was a blogger and there were many other ladies who were bloggers. Utkarsha, who was one of the existing bloggers, had got a crush on a lady who was also one of the existing bloggers.

Utkarsha had keen interest in Orkut and he used to devote his idle time to ‘The Orkut.’.
Once he happened to have a look into the album of one of the fine ladies, fortunately in those times there was no provision of locking the album and fortunately she didn’t lock her album even after the provision was given. (I sincerely thank to all the gorgeous ladies who do not believe in hiding their beauties on behalf of all the members of OSLA (One Sided Lovers Associations. Yeah, they are not frustrated anymore because they are contributing very positively towards spreading love and Father D’Costa has said that spreading love is one of the primary tasks which every living being on earth should contribute to. Even Pundit Narayan and Maulvi Anjum agree on this. )). She was such a beautiful lady that Utkarsha immediately forwarded the link to one of the posts in which he had mentioned all the qualities would look in his prospective dream girl.

She didn’t respond but some other person had written a comment which said Utkarsha shouldn’t be writing anymore. After a couple of months Utkarsha himself was convinced that his post was not good. He shouldn’t have sent her the link. Anyway, whatever happens happen for the good. Utkarsha thought that he would write again, and he will keep writing until he starts writing well, and he will keep writing even after that. Blogging had gradually become his hobby. Even on the busiest day, Utkarsha would write. Utkarsha was still hopeful that a day will come when she will respond. “Par, haasil karne ka naam hi to ‘CRUSH’ nahi“. When Utkarsha saw her photograph for the first time, the lady was not smiling but gradually she learned that we laugh for our happiness and not for other’s.

She is still a beautiful blogger and Utkarsha is still one of the male bloggers who is still a member of OSLA.

The first few lines of the song I am listening to:

“Tujhme agar pyaas hai,
baarish ka ghar bhi paas hai,
roke tujhe koi kyon bhala,
sang sang tere akash hai,
tu dhoop hai cham se bikhar,
tu hai nadi o bekhabar,
beh chal kahin ,
ud chal kahin,
dil khush jahan
teri to manzil hai wohin…”



3 Responses to

  1. Partha (PPD) says:

    Hey ! Male blogger (among the other male blogger’s)…poora mahabharat bata diya, dile ke baat phi bata diya…. Abhi to naam bata hi do…suspense kyon !!

    Khon hai woh .. lady who IS a blogger (and one among the many other ladies who were bloggers)….

    Can we guess 🙂

  2. Piyush says:


  3. Shruti says:

    hey heart broken blogger,I hope you will find your beautiful manzil very soon.Good Luck!

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