Can we do something about it?

I was sitting alone in Barista, MG Road. Was sipping the coffee and looking at the people sitting around me? Some were smiling, some were stealing glances (may be they were on their first date), some were looking askance at the people at the other desks, some were overjoyed because they were in the company of friends, some were seriously discussing business.

The waiter came and asked if I want something else. I ordered for one more coffee. Then a bunch of boys and girls came and occupied the place beside me. They took out their books and started discussing something. After some time I figured out that they were students and they were discussing the script of a drama they were going to enact in a competition soon.

I went to their place and asked if I could join them. They agreed happily. I asked them what the drama is all about. One of them told me that it’s about a dialogue between Shaheed Bhagat Singh and someone who incidentally has got the same name but he is still alive and he is still young. What I mean to say that he’s one of us. Would you like see the rehearsals? You can give us feedback. “Can you give me a copy of the script?”, I asked.

They gave me the script. The script was something like this

Shaheed Bhagat Singh: SBS
Bhagat Singh: BS

SBS: Bhagat Singh, how are you doing?
BS: Excuse me. Who are you? I am unable to recognize you.
SBS: I fought for the freedom of India. I am Bhagat Singh. I thought you know me.
BS: Yeah, now I remember. You are the one who was hanged for throwing a bomb in the parliament and killing some *@#%*ng officer.
SBS: Yes. I am the same guy. So, how is life in independent India?
BS: It is cool. Every body is chilling out.
SBS: But, I still see a lot things happening here which used to happen before independence. People are still poor, they are still oppressed, they are still divided, not only does the social system divide them, geographical boundaries and language are also playing a role, I still see bloodstains, they’re still suffering, we are still not developed. Some things have gone even worse. Now, people don’t respect each other, people don’t stop to help someone, people kill others just for the sake of money, and sex is driving everything. Is this what we sacrificed our life for?
BS: Dude, a lot has changed since you died. We’ve got freedom. We’ve got recognition. We are making a mark on the world. I agree that there is a lot of corruption in the system. But it is there in every country.
SBS: Are you doing anything for this problem?
BS: Well, what can I do? I don’t think an individual can make a difference.
SBS: Will you be the next Bhagat Singh?
BS: Well…
SBS: Answer me. Will you be the next Bhagat Singh?
(The answer is still awaited…..)


4 Responses to

  1. Anonymous says:

    good beginning..abrupt ending

  2. Dheeraj says:

    good old concept and beautiful naration but a cliche … expections are for much better and more meaningful, a better depth to subject matter is expected …

    in the end its but just a good begining

  3. Ajit says:

    good… started exploring something not form your dream or life

  4. VIVEK says:

    I find it one of your best blogs rather say the best till..
    well i will say yeh the end got too soon as compared to introductin of script which was for more longer time in the blog. But still the best

    keep the fire burning …………..


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