The Terminal

Some people loathe waiting. I would rather say that most of the people hate to wait. But, I love it especially when I am waiting for my flight which got delayed by a couple of hours. My heart changed after some interesting incidents happened with me @ Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.

I reached airport pretty early because I had missed my flight a couple of days back. There was a long queue in front of the Jet Lite kiosk. The time I spent in the queue was very refreshing. As soon as my turn came I received a SMS saying that the flight is delayed by half an hour. The lady at the check in counter issued me the boarding pass and smiled. Now, I am also a ‘Hasmukh’ guy. So, I returned the favor with a wider grin. Then she said, “Sir, your flight is delayed by an hour.”
“Are you serious?” I said.
She smiled again. “Yes, Sir”

I found a ‘suitable’ place for me. There was an ‘Uncle Ji’ sitting beside me. My face reading experience helped me to come to the conclusion that he was an archaeologist. He was continuously excavating his nostrils. I asked him, “Kuch Mila?” “What?”he replied. I asked again,”Kuch Pata Chala?” “flight ke baare main”. He replied, “Yes, this flight is delayed.” Then I asked again, “Aap hath kyon nahi dhul kar aate apne?” He replied,”what??” I replied,”Main jara rest room se aata hoon. Hath dhul kar.”

I took my hand bag and fled away. Jet Lite arranged for ‘snakes’ to placate the people. It was a long queue again. I decided to sit beside the queue and wait until the long queue becomes a very short one. Fortunately, I got something to eat. Then I met a doctor. He was studying some medical stuff. I asked him if he is going to Bangalore for some exam. The chit chat continued and we became good friends. I offered him the ‘snakes’ but he refused. He offered me the home made ‘Parathas’ and I accepted his offer whole heartedly. And I asked for more.

In the meantime, the flight got further delayed by three hours and after this sad announcement, another announcement was made for the dinner. After the dinner, I went to the check in counter to get the new boarding pass. The lady smiled and asked, “What do you want?” I returned the favor with a wider grin and replied, “I want, I want,, I want the fresh boarding pass.” The lady replied,”kidhar de doon? Wings pe chalega?” I replied,” Wings pe to udega” The lady smiled and I returned the favor with a wider grin.

I was feeling sleepy after the dinner but Australia Vs Pakistan T20 world cup match was being broadcasted. So, I grabbed the front seat. A couple of girls also joined in. The match was thrilling. Really, two hours passed in no time.

The announcement for the departure of our flight was made as soon as the match finished.

I wished if the flight could have been delayed further. In the flight, the ‘Uncle Ji’ was sitting beside me and, fortunately, there was nobody between us. He was sitting on the aisle and I was sitting on the window seat.


Just do it

If your dreams are shattered, dream again,
If you fail, try again,
If you fall, rise again,
If you miss someone and they are not around, search for them again,
If you lag behind, gather your strength & run again,
If you see only darkness, search for the light again,
If you lose something, win it again,
If you think you are a loser, think again,
If your heart is broken, fall in love again,
If you have made a mistake, try to correct it again,
If you feel low, remember the thing which made you happy again and again,
If you can make somebody smile, just make them smile again and again,
When ever you see an ‘If’ coming your way, JUST DO IT AGAIN,


To Bolo Om Shanti Om

A junior artist in the film industry dreamt of the “Dreamy Girl”. She was a super star and he was not even a comet. She was the most beautiful girl and he was a not-so-good-looking man but he was madly in love with her. The universe conspired and they became good friends. He made her realize that she has the right to all the happiness and when she took his advice the universe conspired again and both of them died. She was already married to a greedy director. When she asked the director for her right to be called his wife, he killed her. The junior had bigger plans for life but the love for the ‘Dreamy Girl’ was above all his dreams and he sacrificed his life for her.

“My Mama always told me that miracles happen every day. Some people don’t think so, but they do.” – Forrest Gump

A child took birth in the same hospital where the junior artist died. The reincarnation of the junior artist had happened and this time he became a super star. When he received the Filmfare award he delivered a fantabulous speech. He said:

Itni Shiddat Se Maine Tujhe Paane Ki Koshish Ki hai,
Ki Har Zarre Ne Mujhe Tujhse Milane ki Saazish Ki Hai.
(In simpler words, if you really crave for something from the deep in your heart, the whole universe conspires to help you)

Then the universe conspired again and he recalled all the things happened to him in his previous life and he avenged the director by bringing him to the same place where he killed the ‘Dreamy Girl’ and the task was completed by the soul of the ‘Dreamy Girl’.

People who have not seen the movie yet, don’t miss the opportunity to see the shooting of ‘Minds It’ in which Omiswamy fights with the ‘Rascala-Pussy- Cata” and Manoj Kumar’s picture on his driving license (Inqualab Zindabad).

Although, SRK got the six packs but he was looking like a skinny coal mine worker. But, I must say that he is a good actor.

Overall, it is a nice movie with great dialogues, awesome direction, a very pretty girl and much more.