The Power of Love

“Nahi Mujhse Nahi Hoga”, She said.
“Ek baar koshish to karo. I am sure you won’t regret”, He said.
“Nahi, I am scared. What if…Nahi nahi I won’t do it” She Said.
“Ok, close your eyes and open your eyes when I ask you to do so”, He said.
“Ok”, She Said.
“kholoon?”, She asked.
“Abhi Nahi” He replied.
“kholoon?”, She asked again.
“Yes”, He replied.
“I can’t believe it. Ooooooo. It’s beautiful. Thanks Utkarsh”, she said.

Some people cry, some couldn’t even open their eyes when they jump from a height. But, Utkarsh and Anumeha were falling happily with their eyes open, hands in hands together. The law of gravity says that in a free fall everybody will fall with the same acceleration irrespective of cast, creed and weight. And, it is a bitter truth. So, finally both of them hit the water level of the swimming pool simultaneously.
“Maine bola tha na ki it will be fun”, He said.

She was holding him tightly. When she didn’t reply for sometime, he realized that something is wrong. She was unconscious. He immediately brought her out of the swimming pool. He tried to listen to heartbeat but all he could listen to was the silence. He tried all the techniques to make her heart beat again. And, finally her heart came to life just like a steam engine had started and accelerated to the speed of a levitation train.

“Ab main tumhe koi bhi chij jabardasti nahi karaoonga. Baat bat main tumhari dhadhkan ruk jaati hai”. He said.
“Tum kaho to jee jayen, tum kaho to mar jaye, ye swimming pool main koodne kya hai, tumhare lie to hum har hadein par kar jayein”, She replied.
He put his hand on her mouth, “Bas, Ab aage aur kuch mat kaho. Tumhe lie main maut se bhi lad jaonga.”

This is the power of love. It can make dead alive. (Well, I think there is no need for any other example).


5 Responses to

  1. G says:

    kakka tum dheere dheere erotic stories pe shift ho rahe ho, language se yahi lag raha hai…sahi hai!!

  2. Ravish says:

    abe G.
    loose character..kahan se erotic lag rahi hai tujhe ye story. Pyaar ki aseem shakti ko dikhaya hai maine..waise double entendre is intended..ab aadmi aadmi pe depend karta hai ki kaun kaun se meaning ko preference deta hai..


  3. Dheeraj says:

    kakke aur G ye erotica to nahin hai par koii purani thkeli movie ka plot jaroor lag raha hai … hadein paar kar jaaoon … tare tod laaun … kya kakka ji ideas khatm ho gaye kya ? neways again good show … now it seems that you are getting the grip of it 🙂

  4. Ravish says:

    rocket bhai..filmi touch is intended…

  5. Attitude says:

    Bapu in the first paragraph I thought , U wrote a porn story 😀
    Plz dont write so confusing 😀

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