When I open my eyes in the dark after putting tremendous efforts in sleeping, which usually don’t yield positive results , I see many images which I can not see when there is light. Some of them are familiar but there are some images which I have never seen in reality. I am unable to understand why I conjure images which are unfamiliar.

Sometimes these images are haunting. It takes a glass of cold water or a face wash to calm down after I see those images. They reflect the inherent fear in me. But, I am unable to understand why I get paralyzed when I want to stop that event from happening. It feels like I am trying to do something about it but I am unable to move. It feels like I am about to drown and I am suffocating. Somehow, conscious mind wins and all those images disappear suddenly. Then all I can see is void and all I can listen to is the fan revolving furiously and my heartbeat.

Sometimes these images are inspiring. They depict me as a winner in everything I do. I don’t want them to disappear but they disappear like the haunting images. Everything seems possible for a moment but as soon as the conscious mind takes the command the feeling also goes away.

The images, although unreal, reflect me. They inspire me; they haunt me; they remind me of all the people I care about; they give me an indication of what is in the womb of future. It has happened in the past that I encountered some of the unfamiliar images in reality. I lived those moments with a sense of déjà vu even if they were haunting when I conjured them. I was sure that the end would be in my favor because I knew the end.


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  1. ishmi says:

    hey..thanks! 🙂
    Do you have a mail id where I could write to you?

  2. Dheeraj says:

    kakkaji badhaiyaan

  3. Ashwani says:

    this happens to most of other ppl too!! i too smtimes feel that the event has happened earlier too..or already know what will be there in the next moment..
    Don’t know but there is smthing called “deja vu”…and there is smthing called voices…and many ppl experience too smtimes 🙂
    newys nice post!

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