Fundey Unlimited

Some people have solutions to all kinds of problems and when you go to them asking for solutions to some of the problems you have been facing for quite some, they give you a set of solutions. It depends upon you which one you choose.

A “Funda Guru” was chatting with one of his disciples.

Funda Guru: Hey. How have you been? What are you up to? Sup?
Disciple: Sup?
Funda Guru: When will you learn the standard chatting language? Sup means what’s up?
Disciple: How?
Funda Guru: Some things can’t be explained and this one belongs to them. How is life? Mat any kudi shudi?
Disciple: Yes. A girl came into my life. But she left after some time.
Funda Guru: Where did she go?
Disciple: Bas chali gayi.
Funda Guru: Haasil karne kaa naam hi to mohabbat nahi.
Disciple: Hmmm.
Funda Guru: Hoez work?
Disciple: Am not able to perform. My manager is not satisfied with my performance?
Funda Guru: Managers always ‘Mange More’. Chor De Company.
Disciple: What?
Funda Guru: It will be very difficult to satisfy your manager. You are not going to get good hike. So, there is no reason for staying in the same company any longer.
Disciple; I don’t want to run away. I will prove myself.
Funda Guru: As you wish. Are you still preparing for the Competitive examination?
Disciple: Yes.
Funda Guru: Kab tak? Leave it man. There are better options. You can go abroad.
Disciple: Did you fill up the form?
Funde Guru: (Silence)
Disciple: What happened to your girl friend?
Funda Guru: She didn’t deserve me. I ditched her.
Disciple: What! When did you start ditching girls?
Funda Guru: Recently. Tu bhi kanthasta kar le ye funda.
Disciple: Hmm. Me logging off. Catch u later.
Funda Guru: Hey, let’s chat for some more time.
Disciple: I have to go to office tomorrow.
Funda Guru: Kya karoge jaldi jaakar. Jaana araam se.
Disciple: I am not an exceptional performer like you are and not as important as you are for your compay.
Funda Guru: Baat sahi keh rahe ho tum.
Disciple: Bye
Funda Guru: tata, bye, take care, good night.
Disciple: Ab bas bhi kar.


3 Responses to

  1. Ajit says:

    patak !!! chatak !!! could have been better.

  2. Di says:

    patak cahtak?! :O I have a lot to learn 😛
    btw u are Taggedddd!!! HI HA HA HA HA HA!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    bhai ye funda guru kaun hai … waise it doesn’t matter as thousands of them are lying around pick any one you want …
    kakkaji baaki sab to theek hai par tum ye batao bade hokar kya banna chahte ho chetan bhagat … One night all ande ke funde ya five point someone else …

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