The Power of Love

“Nahi Mujhse Nahi Hoga”, She said.
“Ek baar koshish to karo. I am sure you won’t regret”, He said.
“Nahi, I am scared. What if…Nahi nahi I won’t do it” She Said.
“Ok, close your eyes and open your eyes when I ask you to do so”, He said.
“Ok”, She Said.
“kholoon?”, She asked.
“Abhi Nahi” He replied.
“kholoon?”, She asked again.
“Yes”, He replied.
“I can’t believe it. Ooooooo. It’s beautiful. Thanks Utkarsh”, she said.

Some people cry, some couldn’t even open their eyes when they jump from a height. But, Utkarsh and Anumeha were falling happily with their eyes open, hands in hands together. The law of gravity says that in a free fall everybody will fall with the same acceleration irrespective of cast, creed and weight. And, it is a bitter truth. So, finally both of them hit the water level of the swimming pool simultaneously.
“Maine bola tha na ki it will be fun”, He said.

She was holding him tightly. When she didn’t reply for sometime, he realized that something is wrong. She was unconscious. He immediately brought her out of the swimming pool. He tried to listen to heartbeat but all he could listen to was the silence. He tried all the techniques to make her heart beat again. And, finally her heart came to life just like a steam engine had started and accelerated to the speed of a levitation train.

“Ab main tumhe koi bhi chij jabardasti nahi karaoonga. Baat bat main tumhari dhadhkan ruk jaati hai”. He said.
“Tum kaho to jee jayen, tum kaho to mar jaye, ye swimming pool main koodne kya hai, tumhare lie to hum har hadein par kar jayein”, She replied.
He put his hand on her mouth, “Bas, Ab aage aur kuch mat kaho. Tumhe lie main maut se bhi lad jaonga.”

This is the power of love. It can make dead alive. (Well, I think there is no need for any other example).



When I open my eyes in the dark after putting tremendous efforts in sleeping, which usually don’t yield positive results , I see many images which I can not see when there is light. Some of them are familiar but there are some images which I have never seen in reality. I am unable to understand why I conjure images which are unfamiliar.

Sometimes these images are haunting. It takes a glass of cold water or a face wash to calm down after I see those images. They reflect the inherent fear in me. But, I am unable to understand why I get paralyzed when I want to stop that event from happening. It feels like I am trying to do something about it but I am unable to move. It feels like I am about to drown and I am suffocating. Somehow, conscious mind wins and all those images disappear suddenly. Then all I can see is void and all I can listen to is the fan revolving furiously and my heartbeat.

Sometimes these images are inspiring. They depict me as a winner in everything I do. I don’t want them to disappear but they disappear like the haunting images. Everything seems possible for a moment but as soon as the conscious mind takes the command the feeling also goes away.

The images, although unreal, reflect me. They inspire me; they haunt me; they remind me of all the people I care about; they give me an indication of what is in the womb of future. It has happened in the past that I encountered some of the unfamiliar images in reality. I lived those moments with a sense of déjà vu even if they were haunting when I conjured them. I was sure that the end would be in my favor because I knew the end.

I am Tagged

Divs has tagged me. It came to me as a surprise comment on one of my Hinglish writings. Well, It has always been difficult for me to answer questions but I will do it again as I have always done. So, here it goes

First I have to name those I wish will take up the tag.
I will write an essay for all the people I am going to list down.
1. He is one of the popular bloggers who have been called for an interview at a radio station.
2. He can write about anything and you will die laughing while reading about that anything.
3. Some of the girls who read his blogs have proposed him in the comments section.
4. Most of the boys who read his blogs have proposed him in the comment section.
1. She has written beautiful poems.
2. She is an excellent writer too.
3. She doesn’t write often.
1. He is a wonderful person.
2. Pyaar se hum use Rocket bulate hai. But he has got a name too. Shrivastava Dheeraj Shrivastava. Uska naam hai.
3. His poems are very cryptic. I can bet that most people do not understand them but I love them. They make a lot of sense.
4. He uses ‘Klishta’ Hindi in his poems.
Bahut hua…I should get good marks in this question.

The second part of the tag is about the “Kinds of People I Judge”
Well, it is a difficult question but I will write something even if the answer is wrong.
When I meet someone and he has a bad breathe, I judge that he doesn’t brush his tooth daily.
When I see a group coming closer to me, and the number of boys in the group is the square root of the girls in the group. I judge that the girls are single and I still have chance for a date with the most beautiful girl in that group. But there is one case in which I am sure that I do not have the chance. So, it’s a question for all of you to find out that case.
I do not like hypocrites, dishonest and officious people. I don’t like people who discourage others.

The third part of the tag is about “People and Things I admire”
I admire all the people who give their best to what they are doing. I admire all the people who do not hurt other’s feelings. I admire all the people who are into social work. I admire all the people who have the power and strength to realize their dreams. I admire all the people who have succeeded after failures. I admire all the people who bring laurels to our country.Bahut hua…I admire all the beautiful ladies also.;)

Thanks Di…

Fundey Unlimited

Some people have solutions to all kinds of problems and when you go to them asking for solutions to some of the problems you have been facing for quite some, they give you a set of solutions. It depends upon you which one you choose.

A “Funda Guru” was chatting with one of his disciples.

Funda Guru: Hey. How have you been? What are you up to? Sup?
Disciple: Sup?
Funda Guru: When will you learn the standard chatting language? Sup means what’s up?
Disciple: How?
Funda Guru: Some things can’t be explained and this one belongs to them. How is life? Mat any kudi shudi?
Disciple: Yes. A girl came into my life. But she left after some time.
Funda Guru: Where did she go?
Disciple: Bas chali gayi.
Funda Guru: Haasil karne kaa naam hi to mohabbat nahi.
Disciple: Hmmm.
Funda Guru: Hoez work?
Disciple: Am not able to perform. My manager is not satisfied with my performance?
Funda Guru: Managers always ‘Mange More’. Chor De Company.
Disciple: What?
Funda Guru: It will be very difficult to satisfy your manager. You are not going to get good hike. So, there is no reason for staying in the same company any longer.
Disciple; I don’t want to run away. I will prove myself.
Funda Guru: As you wish. Are you still preparing for the Competitive examination?
Disciple: Yes.
Funda Guru: Kab tak? Leave it man. There are better options. You can go abroad.
Disciple: Did you fill up the form?
Funde Guru: (Silence)
Disciple: What happened to your girl friend?
Funda Guru: She didn’t deserve me. I ditched her.
Disciple: What! When did you start ditching girls?
Funda Guru: Recently. Tu bhi kanthasta kar le ye funda.
Disciple: Hmm. Me logging off. Catch u later.
Funda Guru: Hey, let’s chat for some more time.
Disciple: I have to go to office tomorrow.
Funda Guru: Kya karoge jaldi jaakar. Jaana araam se.
Disciple: I am not an exceptional performer like you are and not as important as you are for your compay.
Funda Guru: Baat sahi keh rahe ho tum.
Disciple: Bye
Funda Guru: tata, bye, take care, good night.
Disciple: Ab bas bhi kar.