When everything looks right and I smile without any reason; when I try for something and it is done immediately; when I make a code change it starts working in the first execution itself; when the sun shines and it is windy outside; when it rains and I walk down the lonely street; drenched in water; when I fly kite; when I play a badminton match; when I ease the pain of someone; when I am in the company of friends; when I think about the college days; when I dream; when I think about my dream girl; when I see India winning; when I see people smiling; when I listen to Pink Floyd; when I listen to Kishore Kumar; when I play virtual guitar while listening to songs; when I travel home after a long time; when I write a new post; when I write a new poem; I am happy.

When I see the dead people on the road after a bomb blast on the front page of Times of India; when I see politicians not doing what they are supposed to; when the people say “India ka kuch nahi ho sakta”; when I see grown ups not taking care after their parents; when I see someone beating a person because he is weak and cannot retaliate; when I see police favoring the rich; when I see people spreading regionalism; when somebody challenges me; I am provoked.

When I can not make it to something I have been craving for; when I can not do anything to make things better for me at times; when I hurt someone’s feelings; when I cannot perform up to my expectations; when I miss my family; when I miss my friends; I am sad.

When I see India playing; when I am trying something new; when I struggle to defeat anything against me; when I dream of my own company; when I try new badminton shots; when I fight for what I deserve for; when I cannot sleep because tomorrow is going to be important; when I am about to solve a puzzle I’ve been trying to solve for the last one hour; when I have done well and the results are going to be out soon; when the music is played very loudly and I start dancing on the beats; I am excited.


2 Responses to

  1. Attitude says:

    Hey Bhiya
    I am Impressed.
    Well ppl say “Imitation is the best form of praise” and I am imititating u.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well Done Kakka!
    Good Post

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