When everything looks right and I smile without any reason; when I try for something and it is done immediately; when I make a code change it starts working in the first execution itself; when the sun shines and it is windy outside; when it rains and I walk down the lonely street; drenched in water; when I fly kite; when I play a badminton match; when I ease the pain of someone; when I am in the company of friends; when I think about the college days; when I dream; when I think about my dream girl; when I see India winning; when I see people smiling; when I listen to Pink Floyd; when I listen to Kishore Kumar; when I play virtual guitar while listening to songs; when I travel home after a long time; when I write a new post; when I write a new poem; I am happy.

When I see the dead people on the road after a bomb blast on the front page of Times of India; when I see politicians not doing what they are supposed to; when the people say “India ka kuch nahi ho sakta”; when I see grown ups not taking care after their parents; when I see someone beating a person because he is weak and cannot retaliate; when I see police favoring the rich; when I see people spreading regionalism; when somebody challenges me; I am provoked.

When I can not make it to something I have been craving for; when I can not do anything to make things better for me at times; when I hurt someone’s feelings; when I cannot perform up to my expectations; when I miss my family; when I miss my friends; I am sad.

When I see India playing; when I am trying something new; when I struggle to defeat anything against me; when I dream of my own company; when I try new badminton shots; when I fight for what I deserve for; when I cannot sleep because tomorrow is going to be important; when I am about to solve a puzzle I’ve been trying to solve for the last one hour; when I have done well and the results are going to be out soon; when the music is played very loudly and I start dancing on the beats; I am excited.


Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

“Nikalenge Maidan Main Jis Din Hum Jhoom ke,
Dharti Jhoomegi Ye kadam Choom Ke”

Today I witnessed the first world cup victory of India. India and Pakistan played with all their strength but India made it to the victory. I am very proud of ‘Team India’; I am very proud of Yuvaraj’s 6 consecutive sixes; I am proud of the longest six which Yuvaraj hit; I am proud of the team effort India has put; I am proud to be the part of ‘Champions’; I am proud to be an Indian.

It had been a couple of years since the happiness level in my body rose above the threshold. I never hugged so many strangers like I did today. What was it which forced everybody to respond to every other guy on the street even if they don’t know each other? What was it which forced me to pay a beggar all the change I had in my wallet? I wanted to see everybody smiling today. I had a sense of accomplishment when the old beggar smiled. I had a sense of satisfaction when I shared my happiness with all the strangers. I saw united India today and I wish I see the same when I open my eyes tomorrow.

God Bless India.

Jai Hind

Chronicles of Bankelaal: Introduction

Mr Bankelaal, a gaon ka chora, visited Bangalore a few months back. Many people who don’t have an engineering degree opt for Mumbai to start their career but Bankelaal opted for Bangalore even though he knew that he’s all the qualities to become a successful actor. The reason was that he got a job in Bangalore. He was sad since he left his family, his village (Jhumritalaiya) and the life full of fun where he touched the lives of many. Whenever he remembered his good old days during the journey, he crooned the famous song

“aankhon mein sapne liye
ghar se hum chal toh diye
jaane yeh raahe abb le jaayengi kahaan”

It was a fine Saturday morning and the traffic was moving fast in front of the Bangalore City Railway Station ( Note: The traffic moves at respectable pace only on weekends and public holidays in Bangalore). A person was arguing with an autorickshaw driver (AD). Oh! He was Bankelaal.
AD: Kahan jaana hai?
Bankelaal: Koramangla
AD: 200 Rs
Bankelaal: Meter pe jine aayega de denge. Aise kaise paise maang rahe ho.
AD: Bangalore main naya lagta hai tum. itna hi lagta hai.
Bankelaal: Itna nahi lagta hai. Hamare chacha ne bataya tha.

He argued with a few more ADs, then he decided to take the city bus. So, he walked to the Majestic bus station. He had never seen such a big bus. Somehow he managed to find a bus. He reached to the hotel. He was very tired after the long journey in the bus. Log kehte hai hai ki ishq main ek ek pal ek ek baras ke barabar hota hai, Bankelaal had the same feeling when he was inside the bus.

The company had booked a hotel for Bankelaal in Koramangla. When Bankelaal reached the hotel, the guy at the reception asked for all the identities a person can have to make sure that he’s the right person because the bus journey made him looked like a beggar. Anyways, he got the room.

In the morning he managed to get a window seat so he had a lot of oxygen to breathe. He finished all the joining formalities. His supervisor introduced him to all his colleagues. During the lunch one of his colleagues asked,” Where are you PUT UP in Bangalore?”
Although Bankelaal had good knowledge of English but unfortunately he didn’t know the meaning of put-up. He ignored the question and started talking about some other thing. The other guy understood immediately that he doesn’t know the meaning of put up. He asked the same question again. Bankelaal mumbled, “I don’t know. I’m not put up anywhere”. All the people burst into laughter. Bankelaal was embarrassed. Then the people told him that most of them added this word to their vocabulary after reaching the Bangalore. After a couple days Bankelaal asked a person, who had come to Bangalore recently,” Where are you PUT UP in Bangalore?”

The days passed and Bankelaal was now well settled in Bangalore. A dance competition was being organized by the company. As I told earlier that Bankelaal had all the qualities an actor should have, he could dance well. He had been planning to participate in the competition. When he told his desire to his gang, one of his colleagues, a female, asked him if he’s interested in participating in the competition with her. She was an average looking girl, so Bankelaal ‘Ji’ refused. The girl got very angry. When Bankelaal could not cite any convincing reason, the girl asked him, “Have you got two left feet?” Bankelaal immediately replied, “Can’t you see that I’ve got one left and one right foot”. The girl fell down laughing. Bankelaal was embarrassed again.

To be contd…..

No Fear…

“Jhooth bolte hai woh log jo kehte hai ki unhe dar nahi kagtaa. Dar kisko nahi lagta. Dar sabko lagta hai. Par dar se aage badho kyonki dar ke aage jeet hai”…Mountain Dew ad
(Those who say that they are not scared of anything are liars. Everybody is scared of something. But, go forward when you are scared to move on because ‘the victory’ comes after the fear is won).

In my childhood days I had many friends who were much older to me. We used to play cricket during the summers. I used to field for hours but I was not allowed to bat or bowl. Once the game had finished, I was given the opportunity to play a few slow balls. One day I asked to bat during the match. The answer was a big no. Then I asked again. I kept asking until the captain was pissed off. He said, “Go and play but don’t blame me if you get hurt”. I was a bit scared but I went to the striking end. We used to play with a cork ball and the bowler was at least 6 years older to me. I couldn’t even tried to touch the ball first. But, the next moment I said to myself, “Maar. Jo hoga dekha jayega. Jyada se jyada chot hi lagegi na”. I hit the next one, next to next one also and the hitting continued.Really. “dar ke aage jeet hai”.

I promise to myself that I will not be scared. I will win even if I loose eventually. I will be courageous enough to try out the things nobody has dared to think about. I will not be scared of the bad outcomes because I will try for the good ones. I will be truthful to me even if I am scared to loose my most precious thing. I will not be scared to try my weakest shots just because I might loose the game. “Main dar se jeetonga”. I promise to myself.

Pink Floyd T-Shirt…I’m loving it

I am a big Pink Floyd fan. So, I have been religiously wearing the T-Shirts portraying Pink Floyd albums at least once a week. In my child hood days I used to sing “Thande Thande Paani Se Nahana Chahiye” while taking bath but now I sing “Wish You Were Here”. One of my friends, who visits more than often, asked me the reason for singing “Wish You Were here”. One reason is that I do like this song very much and the second reason is controversial so I won’t mention it here.

On one of the holy week days, when I wear PFT (Pink Floyd T-Shirt), I wore a T- Shirt which had “Wish You Were Here” album cover printed on it in the front. The back side portrayed all the Pink Floyd’s albums cover in B&W. When I reached office the office boy fell in love with the t shirt at the first sight of it. It was Friday and our boss decided to go for the team lunch.

Since our team consists of only same sex people, nobody was interested in talking to each other. The “Shadi-Shuda” junta was more interested in lunch, so they engaged themselves with the menu. The restaurant was pretty nice. The only ladies we could find there had their ages more than twice of ours.

The bachelor junta was little disappointed but “Upar waale ke ghar main der hai par andher nahi.” A group of girls along with their ‘escort’, the only male accompanying them, entered the restaurant. The guy who noticed them first informed all the people about their entry. I looked up and instantly my eyes locked up with a lady who was also wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt. The only difference between our t shirts was the album cover in the front of the t shirt. Hers portrayed “Tonight Lets All Make Love In London”. Since none of my teammates had enough awareness about the Pink Floyd albums, no body could figure out the name of the album. She did not quite turn all the way back but looked askance at me with her dark eyes. She took my every alternate breathe away.

We had been continuously exchanging glances when I decided to go to her. She was looking at me when I approached her. I held her hand and pulled her towards me. We were looking into each other’s eyes. She was in my arms. I drew her close to me. She was smiling now. She closed her eyes. Then I asked,” Where did you get this t-shirt? I have been searching for this one for a long time.” She opened her eyes. Everybody was dumbstruck at my audacity. Suddenly, all the people in the restaurant burst into laughter.
Then I asked her an all her friends for having lunch with us. Now, the sex ratio of our group had improved a lot and all of us ate happily thereafter.


I had been living my life with abstinence. The reason was that I wanted to make myself lean so that I can play my favorite sport better. I hope you all know what my favorite sport is. Many humans know and understand me but God misunderstood me. He thought I had been doing all this to please him so that all my wishes were granted.

I switched off the light and lied down on my bed. The fan was revolving at its maximum angular speed. Suddenly, I felt as if the fan had started revolving faster than its maximum speed. The blanket got blown away by the air. Then I heard somebody saying, “Vats, utho, hum bahut prasanna hai tumse. Batao kya chahte ho”. I was scared. I tried to find my roommate as he’s an original prankster. But, it was not him. Then a ray of light filled my room. Then I realized that God had come to grant me the wishes I had been craving for. I asked for a lot of things. Then he said that he would grant me at least zero wishes and at most one wish.

Since the number of wished had become finite, I had to think twice before asking for anything.

The first thought which came to my mind was to befriend the most beautiful girl of the planet earth. Then I thought about the repercussions. The ROI of my wish was pretty low. In fact, I would have to spend all my savings to compensate for the losses if I the wish was granted.

I kept thinking for what I need most. I thought about getting admitted to the best B School; I thought about being the richest person in the world; I thought about infinite things but none of them were actually needed. God had been waiting patiently for my wish but I could not think about anything. So, after waiting for the whole night, God asked me to call him when I am sure of what I want.

I still am not able to find the answer but I still have time.Wish I find it today


I had been sitting for quite some time, thinking about myself. It had been a long time since I thought about myself. I had been too busy in thinking about others; in comparing myself with other; in doing things which I hadn’t actually wanted to do; in making plans to achieve something which I didn’t need; in proving myself to be like those I never wanted to be compared with.

The silent night, the Ganges, the wooden log on the shore, a distant night lamp, the waves, the boats and a boy sitting on the log with his legs in the Ganges, all of them were silent. It looked like that all of them were waiting for the sunrise. The answers to the questions were still unanswered but the boy kept thinking and he found the answers by himself.

The night passed, the sun rose. Everything came to life. Really, everything came to life.