Main Woh aur Uska Bhaiya…

A girl and her ‘bhaiya’ visited to have a look into my house. Yes, unfortunately I am searching for a new house, I think 7th in Bangalore, again. Anyway, the girl was very vigilant and she asked for everything one would ask before taking the final decision e.g. Why are you leaving? And she got the most unexpected answer. I said, “I am alone”.
The girl couldn’t say anything. After a pause of a couple of seconds I resumed, “And, the house is quite big for a ‘single’ person… ;)”. Bhaiya tried to give some creative inputs, “Yes, the house is really very big”.

The next questions, “Is this place safe?”
Me: I hope your brother will be staying with you. And if I can live alone then you and your brother can live here comfortably.
Girl: He is not my brother.
Me: Oh…’Live-in’… ;).

The girl was getting irritated now.

Girl: No. My friends will live here.
Me: Girls?
Girl: Yes.

Then I thought that I could only see a lot and lot of boys in my apartment. If I can convince the girls to rent the house then I would really help them.

Me: The house is very safe. Two girls were living here before we moved into the house. And, a lot of boys are living here. In case of any emergency you can call them.
Girl: Can you give me your phone number so that we can get the exact information on when are you leaving.
Me: Why don’t you give me your number? I shall update you.
Girl: Shekhar, give him your number.

Bhaiya came closer to me and started telling his number. Then I asked him to take my number. I was a little disappointed now but it happens and I have learned to live my life as it comes to me. He took out his NOKIA 1108 moon light model and saved my number. I looked at the girl. She was smirking. They left.

Now, the janitor of our building came up to ask when I would leave the house. He understands neither English nor Hindi and I do not understand Kannada. We tried to communicate for some time and then I said, “Kuch samajh nahi aa raha”. He replied, “Haan, kuch samajh nahi aa raha”. He repeated the same sentence a few more times and left.

I closed the door and started towards my room when somebody rang the call bell again. I opened the door and to my surprise it was the same girl but without the ‘bhaiya’.

Me: Yes.
Girl: I forgot to ask about the rent. How much you are paying.
Me: Around 9K.
Girl: Ok. Thanks. Take my number and call me when you decide on the date on which you will leave. She winked and left.


3 Responses to

  1. Dev says:

    Sahi hai … phir ghar to nahi chhod rahe honge

  2. Di says:

    are u sure she actually winked in the end.. 😛 or was it the imagination of ur longing heart! 😀

  3. SpicyIndian says:

    Hey… Cool … Really neat and cool narration.. Kept me on till the end… 🙂 … Nice conclusion too 🙂 …

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