The Scary House

It had been quite some time since I was sitting with my hands resting on the handles of the chair looking at the linear source of light in my room, a tube light. I was so tired after a hectic Sunday that I was not able to motivate myself to stand up and lie down on the bed. It looked so distant to me that I preferred to sit on the chair.

The events happened during the whole day were making vague appearances into my mind. Suddenly, the mind paused at something. I tried figure what it was? Ah, it was the entry of “The Scary House”.

One of my friend visited Bangalore, so all my batch mates gathered in the evening to spent “Khushi aur BC ke char pal” together. We went to Amoeba for bowling but we were asked to wait for two hours. Well, the crowd in Amoeba was quite attractive (Kyon Makkhan?). We, unanimously, decide to move out. We came out of the bowling alley. What is the program? Somebody asked. The one of the guys who fortunately had girl friend suggested “The Scary House”.

So, the march started from the Church Street. We reached the Scary House. But two of us were missing. One of them found talking to a girl and other’s whereabouts was still unknown. He was last heard looking for a rest room. But, why the heck he was taking so much time. Somebody said that he is a very shy guy and he might be waiting for the whole restroom to get empty. In a couple of minutes he also joined in and we bought the tickets.

Only 5 persons were allowed enter together. So, we split ourselves into two groups of 5 persons each. The brave people lead the groups and once we got the signal to enter, we entered. So, it was almost dark inside with intermittent lightning with red colored night bulbs. We were very excited for the whole time and kept shouting continuously. The journey started with a window twitching in and out. Then there were skeletons, dummies and once I saw a dummy on a cot. When I went close to it, the cot along with the dummy jumped at me. That’s one of the few moments when I laughed hysterically. Finally, the journey came to a funny end. We thought the exit gate would also open by itself but a lady who was sitting somewhere inside asked us to open it. As soon as we reached the door somebody came forward suddenly with a long stick in his hand. He was a very short guy who was trying to scare us by doing something which amused us more than anything. We came out with ear to ear smiles on our faces.

Some people left and the remaining decided to march again to the Church Street. All of us felt hungry so decided to dine at “Oye Amritsar”. We liked the place. We had just started when we notice a girl coming to the table adjacent to ours. Then we noticed a boy and then we notice their mother and finally we noticed their father. The girl was very beautiful but we could see her back only. Her father was facing us. I was eating when one my fried whispered into my ear , “Aj uske Pita Ji mujhe chorenge nahi main jab bhi us bandi taraf dekhta hoon woh mujhe hi dekh rahe hote hai”. I said, “Abe jake paer chu le aur bol de ki tu inki kanya ka haath chahta hai. Tu unhe bhi pasand aa hi gaya hai tabhi tujhe dekh rahe hain”. Suddenly her father stood up. I and my friend looked a bit worried. But, he didn’t come to us.

The event player in my mind resumed and I don’t know when I slept on the chair itself.


2 Responses to

  1. Di says:

    kya yaar..i still havent actually been to the Scary House yet..saara maza kirkira kar diya. :-/ 😉

  2. Ravish says:

    fir bhi…it is worth to go there at least once..;)…10-15 ke grp main jaana…

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