Love Actually

Finally, I decided to write about what I feel Love is. Eeshwar, a movie, inspired me to write about it. I am not going into the details of the movie but there is a dialogue in the movie

“Kisi doosre ke lie dard sehna hi pyaar hai”

Well, from my point of view the word has much more to say.

Between a Mother (or Father) and son (or daughter), it defines an unconditional sacrifice. Parents do everything for their children; they don’t sleep when the child is not well; they don’t eat when they get to know that their son (or daughter) is worried about something; they work day and night to make us what we should become; they try to fulfill every demand of their children even if it is not feasible for them; they are ready to do anything for their children to give them a better life; they can empathize with their children. For a son, love is about to do what they expect from him; it is about respecting them and understanding their feelings; its about caring for them, it is about taking the responsibilities from them and making them free to do any thing as they did for us when we were young; it is about giving them freedom to demand anything like we used to do when we were kids.

Between the two siblings it about sharing the secrets, it is about increasing the pocket money of your younger brother (or sister) by unreasonable amount when you start earning; it is about the giving him all he (or she) wanted, it is about fighting for your brother (or sister); its about partying hard and being more happier than them when they get successful in anything; it is about giving them support when they need it the most; it is about making them smile when they want to cry; it is about being their strength and making every situation weak; it is about being their shield.

Between two friends it is about sharing the happiness; it is about helping them when they need the least of it; it is about consoling them when they are sad; it is about dancing together, eating together; playing together; partying together; it is about being the strength of each other; it is about inspiring each other to do the impossible; it is about holding them straight when they are about to fall.

Between a human and his possessions it is about caring for the least which could harm them; it is about brushing off even a speck of dust from your new shoe; it is about pasting a sticker on your car which reads “Do you know how life in hell is? Mess with my car I shall tell how it is”; it is about keeping a pen for the last 7 years just because you believe that it is lucky; it is about not dumping a faded shirt just because you like it very much; It is about keeping them; caring for them; it is about hurting yourself because you do not want a scratch on something.

Between a girl and a boy it defines something which starts with a mere attraction towards each other and can end with (I don’t know what it should be). It is about showing each other what they actually are; it is not about showing positive part of you; it is not about exchanging gifts; it is not about talking to each other continuously for hours; it is not about making each other feel nice by doing things which a boy usually doesn’t do; it is not about having only good times with each other. So, what it is about? Well, I don’t have any experience in this relationship. So, I am leaving this question on those who have been into Love.

This is what love actually means to me.


4 Responses to

  1. Anonymous says:

    kakkaji kisne itna bada waala ditch maara jo poori duniya ko pyar ka galat matlab samjha rahe ho … kisi mahaan devi ne kaha hai ke “pyar jaanta hai to bas bhookh, jism ki bhookh” … aur humein us devi ka aadar karna chahiye …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good Article again!! good balance between what you know and what you dont. Reflects the simplicity and non-preaching style.
    writings are really improving

  3. ajit says:

    sahi kaha. lakin materialistic chizon ke shat pyar ???? samajh main nahin aaya….

  4. Spicee Indian says:

    Liked your rational simplification… 🙂 … Nice…

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