Pursuit of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness never ends. It starts with the day a persons opens his eyes for the first time in the beautiful and wicked world. Life goes on. We keep striving, we keep trying, and we keep fighting. But, we have got to be happy in all this. Sometimes things shall be fine but later they may be bad, sometimes we shall be successful but sometimes we may fail, sometimes all dreams come true and sometimes none off them comes true, sometimes things are done in one try but sometimes and it may take thousands hearty trials and even after that it may need a few more hearty trials, sometimes we fall in love which will last for sometime but once we all shall fall in it for our whole life, sometimes I shall be best but later I may be the worst.

We must be ready to take life as it comes out to us. We must not stop dreaming because none of our dreams are coming true. We must not stop trying because the trials needed are indefinite. We must not stop falling in love because there is one and only one chance when it will last for the whole life(we have got to keep trying ;)). We must strive to be the best again because if somebody has done it once then it can be done again.

Ultimately we might not get what we wanted, but we can continue our pursuit of happiness by being positive.


The Scary House

It had been quite some time since I was sitting with my hands resting on the handles of the chair looking at the linear source of light in my room, a tube light. I was so tired after a hectic Sunday that I was not able to motivate myself to stand up and lie down on the bed. It looked so distant to me that I preferred to sit on the chair.

The events happened during the whole day were making vague appearances into my mind. Suddenly, the mind paused at something. I tried figure what it was? Ah, it was the entry of “The Scary House”.

One of my friend visited Bangalore, so all my batch mates gathered in the evening to spent “Khushi aur BC ke char pal” together. We went to Amoeba for bowling but we were asked to wait for two hours. Well, the crowd in Amoeba was quite attractive (Kyon Makkhan?). We, unanimously, decide to move out. We came out of the bowling alley. What is the program? Somebody asked. The one of the guys who fortunately had girl friend suggested “The Scary House”.

So, the march started from the Church Street. We reached the Scary House. But two of us were missing. One of them found talking to a girl and other’s whereabouts was still unknown. He was last heard looking for a rest room. But, why the heck he was taking so much time. Somebody said that he is a very shy guy and he might be waiting for the whole restroom to get empty. In a couple of minutes he also joined in and we bought the tickets.

Only 5 persons were allowed enter together. So, we split ourselves into two groups of 5 persons each. The brave people lead the groups and once we got the signal to enter, we entered. So, it was almost dark inside with intermittent lightning with red colored night bulbs. We were very excited for the whole time and kept shouting continuously. The journey started with a window twitching in and out. Then there were skeletons, dummies and once I saw a dummy on a cot. When I went close to it, the cot along with the dummy jumped at me. That’s one of the few moments when I laughed hysterically. Finally, the journey came to a funny end. We thought the exit gate would also open by itself but a lady who was sitting somewhere inside asked us to open it. As soon as we reached the door somebody came forward suddenly with a long stick in his hand. He was a very short guy who was trying to scare us by doing something which amused us more than anything. We came out with ear to ear smiles on our faces.

Some people left and the remaining decided to march again to the Church Street. All of us felt hungry so decided to dine at “Oye Amritsar”. We liked the place. We had just started when we notice a girl coming to the table adjacent to ours. Then we noticed a boy and then we notice their mother and finally we noticed their father. The girl was very beautiful but we could see her back only. Her father was facing us. I was eating when one my fried whispered into my ear , “Aj uske Pita Ji mujhe chorenge nahi main jab bhi us bandi taraf dekhta hoon woh mujhe hi dekh rahe hote hai”. I said, “Abe jake paer chu le aur bol de ki tu inki kanya ka haath chahta hai. Tu unhe bhi pasand aa hi gaya hai tabhi tujhe dekh rahe hain”. Suddenly her father stood up. I and my friend looked a bit worried. But, he didn’t come to us.

The event player in my mind resumed and I don’t know when I slept on the chair itself.

Love Actually

Finally, I decided to write about what I feel Love is. Eeshwar, a movie, inspired me to write about it. I am not going into the details of the movie but there is a dialogue in the movie

“Kisi doosre ke lie dard sehna hi pyaar hai”

Well, from my point of view the word has much more to say.

Between a Mother (or Father) and son (or daughter), it defines an unconditional sacrifice. Parents do everything for their children; they don’t sleep when the child is not well; they don’t eat when they get to know that their son (or daughter) is worried about something; they work day and night to make us what we should become; they try to fulfill every demand of their children even if it is not feasible for them; they are ready to do anything for their children to give them a better life; they can empathize with their children. For a son, love is about to do what they expect from him; it is about respecting them and understanding their feelings; its about caring for them, it is about taking the responsibilities from them and making them free to do any thing as they did for us when we were young; it is about giving them freedom to demand anything like we used to do when we were kids.

Between the two siblings it about sharing the secrets, it is about increasing the pocket money of your younger brother (or sister) by unreasonable amount when you start earning; it is about the giving him all he (or she) wanted, it is about fighting for your brother (or sister); its about partying hard and being more happier than them when they get successful in anything; it is about giving them support when they need it the most; it is about making them smile when they want to cry; it is about being their strength and making every situation weak; it is about being their shield.

Between two friends it is about sharing the happiness; it is about helping them when they need the least of it; it is about consoling them when they are sad; it is about dancing together, eating together; playing together; partying together; it is about being the strength of each other; it is about inspiring each other to do the impossible; it is about holding them straight when they are about to fall.

Between a human and his possessions it is about caring for the least which could harm them; it is about brushing off even a speck of dust from your new shoe; it is about pasting a sticker on your car which reads “Do you know how life in hell is? Mess with my car I shall tell how it is”; it is about keeping a pen for the last 7 years just because you believe that it is lucky; it is about not dumping a faded shirt just because you like it very much; It is about keeping them; caring for them; it is about hurting yourself because you do not want a scratch on something.

Between a girl and a boy it defines something which starts with a mere attraction towards each other and can end with (I don’t know what it should be). It is about showing each other what they actually are; it is not about showing positive part of you; it is not about exchanging gifts; it is not about talking to each other continuously for hours; it is not about making each other feel nice by doing things which a boy usually doesn’t do; it is not about having only good times with each other. So, what it is about? Well, I don’t have any experience in this relationship. So, I am leaving this question on those who have been into Love.

This is what love actually means to me.