Those were the best days of my life….

Everybody wanted to stay for some more time but one by one people were moving out. The hostel rooms which were always filled with vigor and enthusiasm were all empty. Nobody was playing cricket in the hostel lobby, music was not being played in any of the rooms. I was one of the boys who left the hostel when approximately 90% of the people had already left after the completion of the final year. I was sitting in the lobby, watching the sun set and remembering the good old days.

Raah dekhi thi is din ki kabse
aage ke sapne saja rakhe the na jane kab se
bade utavle the yahaan se jaane ko
zindagi ka agla padaav paane ko
par naa jane kyon, dil mein aaj kuch aur aata hai
waqt ko rokne ka jee chahta hai

Yes, I really wanted the time to stop so that I could live there for some more days. We used to crib for everything we had. The teachers, the labs, the library, the facilities, everything was bad. But now when I think the opportunities the college gave me it makes me feel proud. How fortunate I am to be a student of this college.

Jin baton ko lekar rote the
aaj un par hansi aati hai
na jaane kyon aaj un palon ki yaad bahut aati hai
kaha kart tha ..badi mushkil se chaar saal seh gaya
par aaj kyon lagta hai ki kuch peeche reh gaya “

When we got ragged, when we ran to the classes chanting ‘kao kao’, when we ragged our juniors, when we went to out teachers house in the midnight asking him to cancel the test, when we calculated the grades to be 9 point something and it actually came out to be 7 point something, when we played badminton for the whole night and bunked the first class for sleeping, when we took the Xerox of the circuit diagram because we didn’t have time to draw the diagram, when the ‘farras’ were photocopied, when we played Holi with ‘mitti’, when one of our batch mate teased the wife of our hostel warden by mistake, when we beat the shit out of the PCO owner when he slapped one of our colleagues.

“kahi ankahi hazaaron batein reh gayi
na bhoolne wali kuch yaadein reh gayi ”

I miss all my friends and we still spend a lot of time remembering all of them. I can still remember how people made groups to make fun of someone, how all of us got united when any of us faced a trouble, how we all went to our teacher asking him to be lenient while checking the examination answer sheets, how the people cheated during the exams, how some people slept while sitting in the first row, how we used to tease each other, how we prepared ourselves for the Lanka trip for a cup of tea, how we used to wake up for the whole night so that we can go to the ‘The Ganges’ and see the sun rise, how some of my batchmates acted after drinking ‘Thandai (with Bhang)’.

“kaun fail hone par dilasa dilayega
kaun galti se number aane par gaaliyaan sunayega,
aise dost kahaan milenge jo khai mein bhi dhakka de aayein,
par fir tumhein bachane khud bhi kood jayein,
kaun kahega chadhe tere joke pe hansi nahin aai,
kaun peeche se bula ke kahega..aage dekh bhai,
Kaun mujhe ab class main jagaega,
Is khadus manager se ab kaun bachaega,
mere certificates ko raddi kehne ki himmat kaun karega,
bina dare sachi raay dene ki himmat kaun karega,

raat ko 2 baje pooch khane kaun jayega,
6 gilaas lassi peene ki shart kaun lagayega,
achanak bin matlab ke kisi ko bhi dekh kar paglon ki tarah hansna,
na jaane ye fir kab hoga“

Wish I could live that life again. Wish I can meet all my batch mates again and play all the pranks again. Wish I could go back in time.

“keh do doston ye dobaara sab hoga
doston ke liye professor se kab lad payenge
kya hum ye fir kar payenge “

The lobby was still empty, silence prevailed everywhere, and the sun was already set. Somebody called from behind, “Kakke chal dinner karne”. I thought that perhaps all of us will not be together again but “THE MEMORY REMAINS”. You turn around and it comes back to you.

“bahut kuch likhna abhi baaki hai
kuch saath shayad baaki hai
zindagi mein milne ki fariyaad karte rehna
agar na mil sakein to kam se kam yaad karte rehna

chahe jitna hanslo aaj mujh par
mein bura nahi manooga
is hansi ko apne dil mein basa loonga
aur jab yaad aayegi tumhari

yahi hansi lekar thoda muskura loonga”

I pulled the chair inside the room (room number 205, Morvi Hostel) locked it and went out for the dinner.


17 Responses to

  1. Ajit says:

    perfect blend of past and past. perfect blend of kavitayen and memories. good one.

  2. G says:

    oye kakke rula diya yaar!! true ‘the memory remains’ 🙂


  3. G says:

    wish I c’ld travel back in time to tht one yr of my life:)


  4. akash says:

    We all same feeling within, its expressed here very nicely.

  5. ambrisho says:

    bandhu chha gaye ho ..

  6. Anonymous says:

    sahi hai dost… sirf yaadein rah jaati hai… waqt ko rokne ka jee chahta hai … Dass

  7. Dheeraj says:

    jaani hum aa gaye hain tumhe tumhari yaadein lautane … tumhe dhakka lagakar fir khud kood jaane … zindagi bahut lambi hai aur humaare paas waqt bahut kam hai … raat fir chai, ban malaai khaani ho to saath chalne ko hum hain …

  8. Pawandeep says:

    AU-CHA HA-I! 😀

  9. Manjari says:

    hey ravish

    i know “school days” , college days are the best time one could spend . No tensions but very few people are fortunate to retain those friends.. if you happen to bring back time.. nothing like that.. hold ur friends as they are the biggest asset. ONE good FRiend can a big strenghth in ur life.

    I am really touched by this post of urs.. gr8

  10. Prasanna Harpanhalli says:

    Bhai apun kabhi hostel main kabhi raha nahi…ye lekh padh ke laga ki maine waqey hi kuch acche acche lamha gawa diyela hain.

    padhne ke baad sab woh college ka din sab yaad agay beedu.
    ‘Aandhi’ chitra ka woh mhashur gaana yaad a riela hain

    Is Mod Se Jaate Hain (College)
    Kuch Sust Kadam Raste
    Kuchh Tez Qadam Raahen
    Patthar Ki Haveli Ko (Hostel)
    Shishe Ke Gharaundon Men (Dormitory)
    Tinakon Ke Nasheman Tak Is Mod Se Jaate Hain

    Thats life !!!

    you can never get back in time.

    Fantastic post !

  11. Uday Kumar says:

    Nice post Dost…likhte rehan…hum padhte rehenge…

  12. Padmaja says:

    uhh:) too nostalgic…. 🙂
    wish cud turn back time :):)
    but its good that we have good memories that can make us smile for a while atleast :):) …….

  13. Kundan Kumar says:

    यहां सुबह, यहां पर दोपहर गुज़ारी थी
    मंज़िल पे जाके सारे मकाम याद आये

    Too good yaar, dil khush kar diya. Aur dukhi bhi.

  14. Anonymous says:

    hmmm kakke, this time i read the post aarram se, and found it good..i too was among the last ones to leave the hostel. i remember rawat, tanuj and abhishek gupta were there too..infact gupta ji tab pehli baar hamare bakchodi session mai shamil hue the..

    I remember the hollowness of the vacated rooms, once full of life..

    khadoos manager ki tension mat le…dhakelna hai to khai main dhakel de usko.

    And good Job, Premchand!

  15. Azim says:

    dil se jo baat nikalti hai asar rakhti hai, par nahin magar taaqt-e-parwaaz rakhti hai

    Too good …straight from the heart

  16. ishmi says:

    well written..
    I can feel your nostalgia..
    Keep at it!

  17. Piyushkg says:

    Bahut Sahiii…Really college yaad aa gaya…all those moments were live for sometime…
    Btw did you write that poem…

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