Mentos Zindagi

Problem 1:
Ramesh was a ‘Honhar’ student of B.Tech at a premiere institute who want to publish a few papers so that he can fulfill his dream of getting into a nice university for post graduate studies. But, the problem is that the projects require a lot of effort and if you have not worked hard then it is almost impossible to publish anything and Ramesh can’t work.

This is how he solved his problem. Ramesh was apt at making websites. So, he developed a website which announced that paper presentation contest is going to be held at some university in US. So, interested students can submit their papers to He received a lot of papers and he did choose one of the best. The paper got published in one of the university journals. Yeh thi mentos zindagi.

Problem 2:
Ramesh was studying in the third year. It was the fifth semester and everbody was busy in applying for summer internship. Ramesh also wanted to go abroad for summer internship. He tried for some time and got bored. But one of his close friends was still trying hard and Ramesh was afraid that he will get the call eventually. But how will he pass the summers alone. Without him it was impossible for Ramesh to do anything. So, how to stop him?

So, the first question is how the students were applying for internship. It was a very simple 3 point process:

  1. Open the University’s website.
  2. Browse the website and find the e mail addresses of the professors who were working in any field of the stream you are doing your engineering in.
  3. Fire an email to all the email ids.

So, Ramesh thought he can take the advantage of the process. Since, nobody was keeping the track of the universities they were applying to; Ramesh developed a website of a fictitious university, UCLU. He sent an email to his friend confirming that he was selected for the summer internship and he would be awarded some scholarship during his stay at the university. After receiving the email his friend stopped applying further. For the next couple of months Ramesh guided his friend on what to study and what not. Finally he told him the truth. Both of them did their summers from the same place.


2 Responses to

  1. Ajit says:

    pj pj pj …

  2. Anonymous says:

    fundoo one kakka..menthos zindagi..though u ended the whole thing abruptly..

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