It brings tears to my eyes when I remember ‘Spider Man’ weeping like a kid (How ‘Bhavuk’ a superhero can be). It brings tears to my eyes again when I remember ‘Spider Man’ dancing in the middle of the street. MJ and Spider Man on the web in the jungle looking at the stars and then MJ saying,” I can sing for my whole life with you (Peter) in the front row”, wow…how romantic. The movie had everything a movie is supposed to have. Be it action, be it drama or be it romance.

Two heroes, two villains and only one heroine made me feel like the script was written by Karan Johar. And the death of one of the heroes in the end did strengthen my belief that Karan Johar was involved in some way. I guess the director didn’t want to confuse MJ on which one to choose, Red (or Blue) one or the green one.

MJ feeling jealous of Spider Man’s lab partner when he kissed her. Marie Jane getting angry with Peter when he invited her to the French Restaurant. I thought that Peter would sing a nice romantic song to placate her. But, to my disappointment, no song was there. Peter’s aunt getting sentimental when Peter told her his plans of proposing MJ. Perhaps, I will swim across some channel with my ‘would be’ to propose her on a lonely island by singing ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’. There were many emotional sequences which, unfortunately, couldn’t make us feel emotional.

When Spider man forgave ‘Sandman’, I sank into my chair so that no one could see me laughing with tears in my eyes. But, I gathered some courage to sit straight again and then I whistled loudly. But, everybody else in the theater was so engrossed that my whistle disturbed them and suddenly all the people in the theater were looking at us. I sank into my chair again. But, the last song of the movie sung by MJ, “I am done with love. I shall not fall in love again…” provoked me enough to whistle again. The response was not same as earlier. Some people did respond with an equivalent, if not louder, whistles.

But I liked one thing about the movie, one of the last dialogues. The choices make you what you are (A truth I firmly believe in).

I heard that ‘Spider Man’ is coming in ‘Bhojpuri’ with the hero clad in dhoti and ‘Gamcha’. I can bet that it will be fun to watch it.

I think Hollywood has started taking inspiration from Bollywood. Hope we shall see more such movies in the future.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    what do you want see in spider man? The hero has supernatural power. So, he must have such villain. Also, you can’t see maardhar & action for 1&1/2 hrs. So, you will have some romantic character to make ur mind to accept all maardhar.

  2. Ravish says:

    I guess the first part had all the things but it was different…and everybody liked it. There was no need for the movie to be of 2.5 hrs duration. Many sequences were boring and the movie would have been much better if those scenes were scissored.

  3. Manjari says:

    hey Ravish please don’t say nasty abt peter.. he was looking cool this time.. with a tinge of comedy and romance.. i liked him..after SUPERHERO too have emotions (;-))

  4. Ravish says:

    @Manjari: hmm…but superheroes are not supposed to show them off in public..nyway..what do say about the song by MJ…it was really horrible;)

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