“Hey guys, enough of studies. Let’s go for a smoke…”This was Anurag…A young boy who was appearing for +2 examination…

“Yes,I am feeling sleepy and a smoke will definitely help”…Rajat said

“Why don’t you people lower down the volume while you talk these things? If mom heard anything by mistake then I am dead…hope you can understand my concern.” This was Mrinal… Anurag and Rajat had visited to Mrinal’s place for combined studies… Combined study means less studies and more fun. So, a total time pass…

The boys bought a few cigarettes and then they started thinking of a safe place where they can enjoy the smoke. They decided to go to a park. In some time they reached the destination and lighted the cigarette. Anurag and Rajat were smoking. Mrinal was not a smoker by now. So, he was trying to scare a stray dog with a pebble. They found a bench and lit the cigarette. Rajat asked Mrinal for a smoke. Mrinal refused. Rajat and Anurag started making fun of him. A man was watching all these things. The man started towards the boys.

“Guys, why are you forcing him to smoke? Why are you making fun of him if he does not want to smoke?” The man asked…

Mrinal replied,” Its ok. They are my friends and I was not forced to do anything. ”

The man said,” I will tell you a story”.

A Bengali family used to live in my neighborhood. Mr. Chakraborty was the head of the family. He had two daughters (Sanchita and Dolly) and a son (Sanjay). He was a contractor and the business was doing well. So, everything was going on fine. But, he used to smoke a lot and that too cigarettes without the filter. He got infected by cancer and died. Now, the family was in great trouble. Aunty could not get a job ‘coz she was too old to get the job. So, started a boutique and Sanchita, she was the eldest and was pursuing BA, started tuition along with her studies. Sanjay was too insensitive to understand the situation. He was still busy with the sports. Dolly, the youngest girl was too young to do anything. So, she took admission in a government girl’s college. The death of the uncle was a disaster for the family.

So, you are not living for yourself. Even if you think that it is your life and you can live it the way you want, your fate is going to affect your dear ones also. Did you ever think what will happen to your mother, father, sister if something happens to you? May be you are too young to understand these things but if you do not control yourself now then nobody knows the future. You might be another Chakraborty Uncle. So, think over it.

So saying, the man left.

The lecture was not for Mrinal as he was not a smoker. Rajat had a change of heart and decided to quit smoking. But, the whole lecture didn’t have any effect on Anurag who said, “I don’t give a damn…Saala free ka lecture pila gaya….”


3 Responses to

  1. Tushar says:

    Wah story ke andar ek aur story… Moral of the story ? Who cares :-).. Got reminded of my second year college days…Main aur mera ek dost ghar pe paas railway line kee taraf chup chupa ke suttiaane gaye the.. peeche se ek police kee jeep aayi .. thulle ne poochaa.. kya ghar mein ye sab pata hai .. maine jhoot bola ..kee haan .. wo bola kee phir chup chup ke kyon peete ho .. chalo ghar chor deta hoon .. humnei bahut sorry bola ..dara dhamkaa ke chale gaye wo log ..anyways .. I did not stop doing it until a few more years..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Umm…u r getting better…

  3. Di says:

    🙂 the last dialogue was typical..though there are better reasons not to smoke that affect u while u are alive.. THAT i believe make more sense!

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