Namaste London…..

“I am born and brought up in London…Completed my education here…I have British friends…I have British accent…then how I can be an Indian….I am a British…then how can I marry an Indian boy…”…A dialogue by Katrina Kaif (Jazz aka Jasmeet) in “Namaste London…”

My Opinion on this….We were Indians…we are Indians…we will be Indians…Wherever we go…whatever we do…we must not loose our identity of being an Indian…One may serving US army or a British army…or working as a scientist at NASA….or doing something which can be done by a citizen of that country only…but, he/she is still an Indian…I am not saying that they should be biased towards India….they should do it with all the honesty…’coz if something goes wrong then they will be called an Indian…not the citizen of that country…so, if the defame goes to India then it is worth the fame also… I do not understand why some people feel that they belong to better species if they are not Indians…they are shy to be called as Indian…Why…?…and in the end…I have not seen any American (or British or …) calling himself /herself an Indian…To bhaktajanon…zor se bolo….”We are proud to be Indians…”

In the whole movie, the actor…the protagonist…Akshay Kumar…didn’t utter a single line in English…though he knew how to speak…read and write the English language…I am not saying that you should talk to other person in your mother tongue who doesn’t understand single word of it….but, if all of us know Hindi (or Marathi or Kannada or Gujarati or Punjabi or Telugu..) then I don’t feel the need to talk in English…Yesterday, I went to a restaurant for dinner…a group was sitting next to our table…and was making fun of the Hindi words….what was so funny in that…I could not understand…they are sick…We are ready to accept a foreign language but averse to an Indian language….Why…? I have been to Europe…people do respect their mother tongue and those countries come into the category of developed nations…the development of those countries was not hampered just because they do not use English….I can understand that English is global language and we are making an impact in the global scenario because we are good at English…but we should not make it a quintessence of our social life…

Another dialogue in the movie by a British….”My grandfather used to tell me that if we (British) leave India on its own then mafias will rule there… ,and I swear, same is happening in India…”…(not the exact dialogue…)…I feel that this is a truth at this moment but we can bring a change…

Overall…it’s a nice movie and ‘Jazz’ is worth watching…..


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  1. ravs says:

    thats really good one. I really feel bad somebody who knows Hindi talks in english with me. We should be proud of our mother tongue.

  2. Paritosh says:

    I agree. I faced a similar incident once: at barista on MG Road, bangalore. I was calling out to the attendent at the counter, but in hindi. and that idiot was not paying any attention, just coz i was speaking in hindi. he’d rather serve a guy with a stupid put-on american accent.

  3. Kundan Kumar Lucky says:

    Deshbhakt! likha to bahut achchha hai lekin apne ‘blog’ ko apni bhasha mein kyon nahin likhte…

  4. Prasanna Harpanhalli says:

    Kundan tumne sahin bigul bajaya hain dost.
    German junta suna hain saara internet ek translator ke madhyam se padhti hain.

    Agar kisiko padhna hota hain to woh translator URL se usko german bhasha main padhte hain.

    So much for Patriotism!

  5. Anirvan says:

    Don’t really understand how the feeling of being an Indian and serving in the armed forces of another country would help in the cause of any individual :-]
    Also, what would you say if speaking in Hindi isn’t really considered as an option for the regional zealots?! I think obstinacy to communicate in a common language isn’t really the most defining measure of patriotism!

  6. Sameer says:

    I dont agree. I know so many people of Indian origin who were born and brought up outside India. They cant be called Indian because they arent! Thats all. And this stupid language issue always pisses me off. What does doing good for India have to do with the language you are speaking??? When do you stop? Do you speak Kannada in Karnataka? After all that is the language of the land. I could speak in English and be a law abiding citizen and I could be speaking in Hindi and raping the country through cheating and corruption. Are you saying one is better than the other just cos he speaks in Hindi?

  7. Ravish says:

    I just wanted to say that respect your mother tongue…if you are from Karnataka…then respect Kannada…I was not favoring any regional language or asked to speak Hindi…The point is that u should respect your culture…thats it…I didn’t intend to raise any stupid language issue…I am also against it…

    And the other point…U might have seen many people born and brought up outside India…but if they do something wrong then India is disgraced…

  8. Sumit Dey says:

    abe yahan ka chalan hai
    Aikerji bolne wale bahut forward hote hai ..example can be fought in Barishta and CCD…any time..
    woh bhi aaigerji ki maa bagan karne wali aaigreji..

    I think talking in english is okie when that is common language
    If any other indian language is common we should use it…
    which also means north indians should try to know any south indian language and south indian at least hindi …
    Kya jaane koi Baandi se takra jaao where one can be benefitted :))

    Aisse Bhaiyon Mera Hindlish sweekar karo..kya karen it is easy to type in english :))

  9. Tushar says:

    Well its a very personal opinion. I don’t agree, well it doesn’t really matter whether I agree or not. If I am able to create an impression on the person with whom I am working/interacting with, then I won’t have to bother about what he thinks about my background. Personally I don’t feel shy/proud belonging to a species/cult, however I would like to be consider, if my action would make the species/cult feel shy/proud.

  10. sanky says:

    i always, now days try conversing in hindi in restaurants,shopping malls etc, as opposed to previously when i would try to show off with my english…cos i am myself for this movement…if u see in delhi ppl know hindi but just to show off they converse in english…thats what ravish is trying to convey…am i right!!
    as other things are concerned…i think ppl not born in india but having NRI parents dont have the opportunity to know bout india its culture its people…what i feel is it should be left upto them to decide what they want to be called Indians or foreign nationals!!

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