Youn hota to kya hota….

Agar main munna bhai hota…..

If I were munna bhai

  • I would have had Gracy Singh as my girl friend….
  • I would have circuit as my assistant….and who could make anything possible….anything bole to anything….arey Circuit kuch bhi kar sakta hai..
  • I could have asked Rustum to leave the medical practice and become a software engineer….and then do all the work for me…
  • I would have ragged my senior….
  • I would have fought for a noble cause
  • I would have not been living like a self centered, selfish boy…

Enough of Munna Bhai….it’s time to become Krrish…
To, agar main Krrish hota….

If I were Krrish…

  • I would have not loved Priyanka Chopra…’coz I love Gracy Singh and cannot compromise on that…..
  • I would have opened a “Krrish Station” where anybody can send message in case of any emergency…
  • I would have fought for India against anyone who dares to cause problem for India…
  • I would have joined the Indian Army….

”Desh Bhakti” it is and I love my country…

“Janani Janmabhumisha Swargadipi Gariyasi…..”

(Janani(Mother) aur Janmabhumi(Matrubhumi) Swarga se bhi Badh kar hoti hain…yes they are..)

…Agar main Anand hota…

If I were Anand

  • I would have faced the truth like he did…
  • I would have proposed the girl I love…wouldn’t have kept the rose in my diary…
  • Would have made infinite friends like he did by tapping someone from behind and calling him “Murarilaal”…

To be continued……………


6 Responses to

  1. Ajit says:

    yeh tum selfish kab se ho gaye? aur yeh live hai ya love? Why you don’t think if I were I???? why not I were Hittler or Aurangjeb??

  2. Tushar says:

    Ek kahani yaad aa gayee .. “Mungeree Lal ke haseen sapne”.. shayad aapne bhee dekhi hogee bachpan mein 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your write-up (n ur blog) actually mirror whats goin on in ur mind after seeing some movies maybe. U relate to the character but not completely.
    Thus the director scores here as the movies have left an indelible mark in ur mind. where he fails is to completely create a :Ravish” in the movie 🙂

    Its jus my opinion. Do you ever think u cud be Bob Woolmer. I think ur better off being Ravish 🙂 lol.


  4. Somu Rudrakshi says:

    If i were Ravish:
    I would have never made any1 feel that they are not gud in playing TT.
    I would have not made them feel that they are losers and i am winner.
    I too would have encouraged the ppl while playing.
    I would have just become better

  5. Somu Rudrakshi says:

    Opps i think my previous comment is giving completely diff meaning than what i intended.

    What i meant was, ravish has these gud qualities and if i were ravish i too wud have learnt those things

  6. Di says:

    lagta hain saare pics ek saath dekh liye aapne 🙂

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