One night at the hostel………

“I have to make it through this time…if not now then there are no options left…and I never had one…as I keep the plural of the word ‘option’ out of my dictionary…what I want I shall get it…but sometimes it comes to my mind that I am not eligible for what I want to achieve…..” Utkarsha was thinking with eyes wide open…with a book open on his desk…the pages of which were flipping as if they want to be free of the binding…but it was the fan rotating at the max speed which was helping them…Utkarsha used to do “Night Day Dreaming” and “Day Dreaming” whenever he could feel that he had no time and he was supposed to do something important which would have a deep impact on him in the near future…

It was a hot summer night … the bed was still simmering even at 2 o’ clock in the night… Everybody was busy studying as the semesters were on… Even at 2 o’ clock in the night all the rooms were open with light or table lamps on… We can see a queue in front of the toppers room as everybody want to be very clear about the fundamentals of the subject…On the last day….when students have only a few hours to study… everybody could be found busy understanding the fundamentals….

It was already 3 AM and only 5 hours were left for the exam to start…in one of the rooms a boy was trying to teach an algorithm to his batch mate…this is how they were conversing ….”so the next step is like this…the other colleague aksed…”How…?”…abe saale aj hi saare funde clear kar lega kya…maine rat lia hai…tub bhi rat le…” the other colleague, who was being taught, immediately took the books…oops..sorry…notes not the book…and started cramming the theorem….del over del y of x is………….

Suddenly, somebody announced….CHAI CHAI CHAI….oh so we are going to grab a cup of tea…the call woke Utkarsha up and he immediately cried…”Main bhi aa raha hoon…”…but it will kill time so notes had to be carried along….of course,with tea , a stimulant, everybody could understand better and faster…At the tea stal,guys from other hostels could also be seen …with notes in one hand and a glass in other…but nobody was studying…basically it was time to discuss some critical plans and some “Gapshap”…Dilip…”Ek Chai Aur”

When we returned to the hostel, it was already 4 AM…so it was high time to start studying …only 4 hrs were left…Utkasrsha was into his “Morning Day Dream”…when he woke up and started studying…he was thinking about his would be girl friend…but now he could understand that he had to study otherwise the deep impact would really be a deep impact…

At 6 AM….most of the people were still busy in understanding the concepts…but the time left was quite less…so, it was “Farra” time…some of the “genius” guys of the batch started the process of preparing “farras”…the skills these people had was amazing…very small and very clear…other less skilled people decided to take the Xerox…Now, the question was how to use it…so, one of the “genius” guys came forward with an “Idea”…the idea was to paste the “farra” on the handkerchief with the cello tapes and the person had to keep wiping his nose with that handkerchief in the examination hall…

Somehow, everybody was well prepared for the exams before the scheduled time…and the hostel was empty by 8 AM…..waiting for another happening night…………….


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  1. vipul says:

    Nostalgia it is … polar you are getting better … now its time to get some good topic and aim for the booker … being an Indian you already have the edge 🙂

  2. Prasanna Harpanhalli says:

    I remember one incident from our class. one guy was caught with Chits by the Princy. He reacted like this… ” Jesus Christ, I dont know how this chits came on my desk”. On that our Princy said idiot should I ask Jesus Christ about it ?.
    He slapped him and chucked him outta the class. From then on he was known as JCCC – Jesus Christ Caught Copying.



  3. Anonymous says:

    This was bit nostalgic and that was the feeling which i felt nice about. apart from that the blog was not able to hold me for long time. I was running to finish the reading.

    – U know me

  4. Di says:

    somethings are the same across every engg college in the country,arent they! 🙂

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