On a not so happening evening uncle Gajendar (or Ganjendra if you spell correctly) came to our house. He used to tease me whenever he got a chance. But today it was my turn J…As soon as he tried to become proactive…I asked, “Uncle, can you see that huge banyan tree?”He replied: Yes…why did you ask this question…
Me: I have some plans for you…I shall cut you into pieces with a sword and hang all your body parts on that tree.
Uncle was stunned…He called my father immediately and said that I am really DANGEROUS. From that day he never teased me. I was in class 2nd at that time.


I was fond of flying kites…but my parents were strictly against it…Once I saved my pocket money…and bought a new kite kit…came home…mother was waiting for me…she tore my brand new kit and threw it into the trash can…I could not believe it …later I decided that I shall hide somewhere…I found a hide out in my home itself and settled myself there…Everybody searched for me…inside…outside…friend’s place…everywhere but they could not locate me…Finally, I felt the hunger and came out…Nobody said anything to me but everybody was relaxed now…Now, whenever I think about this incident, I feel very sad for my mother…I shouldn’t have done this…..I was in class 5th at that time…..


We had a shop a couple of years back. One day an uncle came to the shop to buy something…I took some time to calculate the money he had to pay…suddenly, he interrupted me, “Do you study…Which class are you in..?…why are you taking so much time in adding”…I didn’t reply to him at that time…I told him the amount…I was in class 8th at that time…After a couple of years later I qualified JEE and he came to my house with his son for some tips to crack JEE…I gave him the answer without uttering a single word…I do not forget to answer questions raised for me……..

I have many stories to tell, but I also have some work to be done…So, its time to stop writing and complete the highest priority task…i.e. Work…


11 Responses to

  1. vasu says:

    Hehehe..Dood looks like you never forget and never forgive….waise good blog….

  2. ravs says:

    Bhai, You seem to be quite dangerous..especially after reading the 3rd story

  3. Tushar says:

    Poot ke paanw paalne (Class 2) mein hee nazar aate hain …

  4. Sameer says:

    As they say “An elephant never forgets!”

  5. Anonymous says:

    kak’s ab ye kahaniyan suna ke daraoge duniya ko…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Abey us Uncle ki Chamiya ke saath milke Uncle ko Ganit sikha deyta.

    ek aur ek miley to Teen kaise hote hain ? 😉

  7. Hemangi says:

    Lol. Good way to scare ppl 😉

  8. Anonymous says:

    Buddy u r very dangerous it seems

  9. sankalp says:

    bro its a good way to keep the memories alive and kicking in u…best was the one where u scared the shit outta ur uncle…hehe

  10. Pawandeep says:

    Abey mere se bhi koi gustakhi ho gayi ho to bata de yar, yeh nahi ki 10 saal bad badla le… lol 😀

    Nice Blog BTW!

  11. Anonymous says:

    🙂 coconut !!!!
    looks like ur ego/self respect is the coconut shell, very strong!!
    but deep inside a clear & sweet heart (coz u still feel u shud have not done that). sharing ur second story with parents will be really nice

    :: A P J Abdul Kalam

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