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I was talking to one my friends about a community I came through a couple of days back. The community is all about posting female profiles. In the description of the community it is strictly mentioned that anybody who posts objectionable (pornographic) content shall be banned from the community. The female profiles are called Mangoes (“Aam”) and discussion topics in the community were “Naya Aam…Pata Nahi Kahan ka Aam…etc”. Well, the community is doing good business and has around 3000 members to its credit.

So, we were three persons and condition was that only two will get into arguments at a time. It was me and Sameer who started the discussion. The third guy, Bhupendra, was listening to us.

Sameer was really frustrated with the kind of words the people were using for the profiles. It could have been put in better words also. He said that it’s pathetic to have such a community and such people around who think in this way. He said that the people intend to bother those girls whose profiles were posted with zillions of friend requests. He said the girls are also a living being with human feelings and some respect would really encourage them. Then they shall be able to understand the meaning of the word freedom better. These ******* are absolute loosers and they are like this because they know they can never even talk to such a girl forget meet and touch them.

Now, it was my turn. I said that it’s fine to have such a community but the comments and discussions topics could have been put in better words also. I agreed that we should give respect to the girls and should not bother or disgrace them just for fun. All the people are not bad it is the environment they live in make them think the way they do. But, as far as I am concerned I have never teased any girl or caused trouble of any kind. I follow some rules and regulation set by me for myself. I abide by these rules. But, I know girls who bother boys and I know incidents where the victims were boys.

Now Bhupendra could not keep quiet and spoke.

“Kya Mishra Ji”…You people are sounding very feministic. You are looking only at one side of the coin but what about the other side. I know a community whose name is also a fruit’s name and where the victims are boys. Recently, I went to Goa…met a person there. He was cursing his woman and told me how mean a girl can be. If nobody is breaking the threshold then it is fine and actually being a masculine gender it is most unavoidable thing “itihaas mein itne udaharan hai”.

So, a person acts according to the experience he/she had earlier and we cannot generalize anything without considering all the possible test cases. What do you feel…?


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  1. Prasanna Harpanhalli says:

    Some say itz a Manz world. Sometimes i think it is…bcoz the sheer numbers of Males to Females makes the Fairer Sex outnumbered.
    I do not have any opinion here, My thing is that there are all kinds of people in this world. Women are also perverts and same way Men also.
    What Sameer says is right. Making a Public forum and making such lewd names, ludicrous comments in such a Fora is bad and condemnable.

    I think whether it be a Guy or a Gal itz bad that he indulges in such things. But what you should be doing iz to stop the COmmunity rather than asking people there Opinion. My Advice to you go with ur heart, If you wanna enjoy the lewd things enjoi it. or if u feel bad about it make usre everyone reports that community as Obscene to ORKUT.

    Sorry i call a spade a spade 😦

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