The Bash……

New Expectations, new Joys, new Ambitions, new Success, new Girl Friend or the first Girl Friend or better relationship with the earlier one …with endless possibilities we ushered into a new year again…
So, how did we celebrate the New Year event?
Well, all my friends gathered at my house and we decided to play a few cricket matches as a warm up activity. Went to a party in the evening …

Everybody was drunk even before the party started. It looked like we have reached a catastrophe hit place where every person was running after anything eatable. We could not even get to see what the menu was but fortunately we tasted the gravy of a curry. It was good so we predicted that other food items are also well prepared. We tried to get something eatable but could not penetrate through the crowd around the food. Finally, we gave up. Then, I went to a beer kiosk and asked for some cold drinks. He replied something I could not understand because he spoke in Kannada. Then we thought at least we can go to the discotheque and enjoy ourselves. Suddenly some one announced that the dance sequence is about to begin. A ”Pehelwan Ji” became very excited after the performance started. He climbed on the stage and started performing so every person who thought that he can dance well was on the stage….Suddenly, everybody started running towards the beer kiosk….A leader had taken the initiative to rob the beer…so, nobody wanted to loose this opportunity….Now, there was enough beer with the party animals so they started throwing the beer bottles on each other. The beer was in the air…

All of us agreed that we should not start our new year in this way. So, we left at 11 PM and reached my house by 11:30 PM. At 12:00 we wished a very happy new to each other and engaged ourselves with our phones for the next one and a half hour. Then we started playing cards and seven hearts rules until all of us were asleep. And yes we decided that we shall not go to New Year party unless we have a company of girls and only couples are allowed in the party.


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  1. G says:

    kya kakke! happy new yr!! yaar abhi tak ‘couples entry’ ke liye ro rahe ho??:P abe ab time aa gaya hai ki tum India mein gay couples ko legal karao:D nice post but kuch aur masala daalo yaar, padhne waale sab apne hi log hain;)

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