The Call…

It happened with one of my friend. Joy, my colleague and friend, told me about this incident some time back. So thought of sharing it with you all (of course joy has given me the permission to do so… ;)).

Joy received a call from a girl. The conversation they had is quite interesting…

Girl: Hello..!

Joy: Hello..!

Girl: Actually, I have seen an ad in the newspaper that you are willing to marry and looking for a suitable match. I found your number in the same ad.

Joy: But…but …I did not publish any such ad.

Girl: But I did see your ad in a newspaper.

Joy: Which news paper?

Girl: What type of girl are you looking for?

Girl: Anyway, you shall get married in the future.

Joy: Of course…

Girl: What is your name?

Joy: Joy.

Girl: What is your height..?

Joy: 5 feet 8 inches

Girl: I am also 5 feet 2 inches. How do you look?

Joy: I am an average looking boy.

Girl: But, I am very fair. What do you do?

Joy: Software Engineer.

Girl: I am also a graduate in Arts. How much salary do you get?

Joy: Now you are crossing the limits. Why the heck should I tell you? I won’t tell you my salary.

Girl: I have been looking for a “sushil” guy like you. I want to get married now.

Joy: You are fair…tall and a GRADUATE…You shall get the best…Keep hunting…

Girl: Hmmm…So, when are you planning to marry?

Joy: Do not have any such plans now? Shall tell you once I decide anything on this.

Girl: I know that you won’t tell me before getting married.

Joy: I shall tell you…Trust me…

Girl: May I call you again?

Joy: Sure…but we shall talk about other things…

Girl: What other things?

Joy: Anything you want to talk about…

Girl: Hmm…

Joy: What is your name?

Girl: Why do you want to know my name..?

Joy: You have taken my interview and you aren’t even willing to tell me your name. This is not fair…

Girl: Maria.

Joy: Ok Maria…it was nice talking to you…would like to hear from you again…

Maria: But, don’t forget to call me once you decide anything about getting married.

Joy: Sure…bbye..

Maria: bbye