Software Hai…Dega… Dega

“Want to watch Kalyug?”, I asked as soon as I entered into the house.
Amit: Buddy, we have planned for Tirupati. Shashank bhaiya (Our senior from 2002 batch) is coming. As soon as he comes we shall hire a taxi.
Me: there any possibility to avail the leisure of Volvo for our upcoming, unplanned trip to the temple of god?
Amit: U have to book the tickets in advance?
Me: I do not want to go by Qualis anyway I am having some problem within my tummy since the morning.
Ambrish: I am also having the same problem.
Amit: Me too….

We all guffawed.

Abhishek and Shashank entered the house.
Abhishek: Did u lazy ppl book the taxi?
Amit: We were waiting for you. I shall do it now.

We booked the taxi and had our dinner. We started our journey at around 12:30 pm….we all accommodated ourselves in the Qualis and asked the driver to go to Vivek Nagar to pick up Vivek Kumar. Vivek took the front seat. Abhishek, Amit and Shashank in the middle seat and me and Ambrish in the backseat..

Govinda…Govindaaaaaaaaa….We started our journey….The audio player started playing…Pathshaala from Rang de Basanti….N we all started singing…..”Loose Control…One more time….I m a REBEL….apni to pathshaala ..Masti ki pathshaala…“
After traveling for 3 hrs we reached the check post… the driver asked us to pay the toll…2100 bucks…”but we were not asked to pay the toll while booking the taxi….we do not have so much cash… “..driver told us that he asked the travel agent whether the ppl shall pay the tax…in response the agent told him, “Software hai..dega ..dega…” …. but the RTO told us that we cannot go back either….we had only one option…Pay the tax…so we paid the tax..and started our journey again….after traveling for 3 more hours we reached Tirupati….As soon as u reach Tirupati first thing to do is to book the darshan slot… we entered into a building to book the tickets…Ambu bhai put his hand around the neck of an old man assuming that he is one of us without even looking at the old man…the old man was very surprised at the audacity of our angry young man and was staring at him furiously…we (me n amit) started laughing like mad ….then I asked ambu bhai to look at the man he is having his hand on…now the old man was also laughing…nyway ambu said sorry to the old man and we moved to the queue and booked the slot….8:30 pm in the night….

We started hunting for a lodge…ultimately we found one…Sairam Lodge…first we went to the fourth floor…but room was not like the one showed to us earlier…so we declined to move to that room…then we moved to third floor…the rooms had WC…but we didn’t want to sit on that thing…so we again refused to take that room…finally we were given a gud room…

After taking rest for the next couple of hrs…we started for the main temple…reached the temple premises and took the lunch…did wait for an hr and followed the 50bucks Darshan queue…after 15 minutes a person checked our Darshan queue and we were thrown out of the queue with the instructions to get into the queue after 7 PM….So we sat on the stairs….

At 6:30 pm we got into the queue again….after 5 hrs of xciting journey…with lots of cheers..Govinda …Govinda….we reached the sanctum sanctorum…After the Darshan we moved to a kiosk for a cup of tea…One of my frnd took badam milk and asked the driver to start for our journey back home…due to the jerk the milk jumped out of the glass and made the window glass opaque…Driver applied the brk…as he was very angry…he asked y didn’t my frnd finished the drink before starting the journey…he said he is not worried about the taxi but for my frnd…if the badam gets stuck into his throat due to the jerk….if the badam goes into his nose…Amit Said,”Sorry.”..Driver Replied…”But a sorry cannot make a person alive..’…we all laughed …and started again….At 6 am the driver woke us up saying that there is a puncture ….somehow the driver managed to change the tire and we reached Bangalore at 9 am…The driver asked us to pay all the money and additional 2100 as taxes…we declined to pay the tax…the driver refused to give our baggage back….we went to the police station…and the driver was forced to reach there…Me and the driver went to a police inspector to put our case in front of him…The police inspector said that we ppl earn so much just for sitting in front of computer and we can afford to pay the money…I said…we do earn…but we also work nights for that money…n I ain’t gonna pay my hard earned money for nothing…In the end, both the parties had to pay half the amount…

I came back to my house with a relaxed felling that V did fight for our cause….The driver threatened us..”Agar police station gaye to bahut bura hoga (If u go to the Police station then be ready for the consequences…)”…but ….”Gabbar Singh ye keh ke gaya jo dar gaya who mar gaya.”…and we are not dead…So we did fight….Never NeVER NEVER GIVE UP.


9 Responses to

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good work……

  2. Manas says:

    It seems u have developed a fair liking for this place….police station….
    If am not wrong then probably its ur second reported visit….
    Never give up…..even if u have to go a step ahead next time……

  3. Sachin says:

    Dude.. way to go.. but be careful before taking any pungas from local ppl.. though i know you guys can go to any limits… :))

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well thats the way a polar should be

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sahi kiya yar … Always follow Gabbar’s Rule 🙂

  6. VIVEK says:





  7. Abhishek 'Trips' says:

    Software hai…nice post!
    Hey…someitmes I really think u guys earn pots for gawking at monitors 😉
    But don’t like police stations too much dude…although you may feel it, there’s nothing like Poetic justice!

  8. Shrinath Ramamoorthy says:

    I think this is your second visit to police sation within 3 months… sahi hai bhai..keep it up
    Dude I am waiting for more blogs with experiences minus police station.
    Dont wish your blogs become like typical Hindi movies which cannot be completed without police men or police station.
    Happy writing.

  9. Gaurav says:

    Why did u have to go to the Police Station at all?You shd have kicked his ass then and there.
    But still, good work .And the words of the police waalaa actually reflect the local bengaluru junta’s attitude towards s/w.

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