Fine Please……………………………

Scene 1: MG Road, B’lore

Today, after the lunch I went to M G Road for some important work. MG road is not in the interiors but in the heart of the so called IT hub of India. The building I had to get into had a notice board in front of the main gate mentioning that visitors cannot park their vehicles inside the building. Luckily the notice was written in Kannada ,so urs truly being a lucknow nawab, couldn’t undeshtand it… so, I conveniently ignored it and promptly parked my bike on the pavement beside the main gate and went to the security guard to enquire if he could allow me to park my vehicle. He being a jobless bloke , refused and asked us to read the notice in spite of knowing my inability to read the local language.

So, I came back started my bike and started moving on the pavement for the road. And as in bollywood films, when the hero tries to flee with his girlfriend, the badguy(usually girl’s father or brother ) appears and catches them red-handed…similarly, a traffic police inspector came and took my vehicle’s key. Then I ran after him (read slow motion running) asked what have I done? He accused me of driving on the pavement. He seized my driving license and asked me to pay the fine. But, I tried to argue with him that I have not committed any mistake and I was not driving on the pavement but he refused to listen any of my reasons and asked me to come to police station if I want my driving license back.

Now, I feel that it is not the policeman’s fault either…he waz simply performing his duty in the best way that he could…it is just plain circumstance taking its toll on me.

I also tried to bribe him to get my license back. But, he refused to take any money and asked me to come to the come to police station. At least some of the government employees are doing their job honestly. I did not have any option left so went to the police station.

Scene 2: Police Station,Ashok Nagar,B’lore

Its my first time entry to any police station in India (and abroad alsoJ) and I was shaking like a little puppy in cold weather.
And added to my worries, the police fraternity proved yet again how rude they can be…
Inside the police station an officer asked me where am I from? I said, “Lucknow”. Then he replied that this is not Lucknow and that I ain’t dealing with Lucknow traffic police.
We, the software engineers, have given an Identity to Bangalore and in retrospect are being treated rudely by the local people, which is very unwelcoming to the outsiders.
I was simply dumbfounded at the audacity of the police man, with which he was misusing his power… I told him that this is India it will be better to leave it as an integrated entity rather than drawing boundaries within itself (again filmi ishtyle) .
Ultimately I paid the fine but it makes me feel good that this money will go to the Indian Government and I do not have any regret that I was fined because it was my fault and I should be punished….

In the end, I returned with a happy feeling and a lightly loaded wallet ….


3 Responses to

  1. Jeff Pioquinto,SJ says:

    nice blog. thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Police stations are the worst place to be WRT all government establishment 🙂

  3. Ani says:

    Bhai there are some questions which need to be answered here :
    Q 1: You sure have some penchant for mentioning girls in all ur posts. Not that it is bad but hello, tell us ze truth. Is there any girl I should be knowing about and dont? ;p
    Q 2: Reduce the number of crappy bollywood sagas u’ve been inflicting urself with. Obviously, the patriotic dialogues and moral, ethical, romantic antiques seem to be a direct fallout! I am very concerned for your well-being bhai. Take care ;p

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