Date: Nov 20th, 2005…
A huge crowd standing in front of a school…some faces smiling…Some worried…hey…m also standing in the same crowd….neither worried nor smiling… checking the chicks…but…what is the occasion? Dude…it’s CAT 2005…the greatest festival of the year I guess…Everybody was eagerly waiting for the gate to open…A boy came with his father….he looked around for a while n then spoke to his father…”Dad, seems like most of the people standing here are repeaters…”..after some time he spoke to his father again..”Father, I can do the toughest question within 1 min 24 secs”..I do not know how did he reach to this conclusion…nyway..I wished him best of luck with a smile…as soon as my watch ticked 10:00 the gates were opened and the people started moving…it was looking like the water is trying to find its way thru a narrow passage…somehow I managed to enter the college with my bike…then…find the room where u are going to sit and write the test….I was trying to find my way to the board where the lists were pasted mentioning the roll numbers and corresponding rooms….suddenly a girl came…she pulled me back and occupied my place in front of the list… I had a look at her… she was beautiful..…she looked for her room exchanged a smile with me and moved away quickly…I got my room and then felt the need to visit the rest room….there was no need to ask abt the location of the same as a long queue was visible in front of a room….then I wanted to have some water…so I had to follow queue again…but as soon as the time passed the queue broke and everybody was snatching the bottle to have the water as soon as possible…then I entered the examination hall…everybody was quite…n nervous(…including me) ….even if u do not prepare and don’t put any effort then also u hope that u shall do well…it’s a human nature…my friend who also appeared for the exam with absolutely no prep…was singing a song while sitting in the examination hall…Kajra Mohabbat ka Ankhion main aisa daala….the boy sitting next to him gave him a smile…at least my friend was cool….for the next 2 hrs I tried to put my best ..after coming out the test center ppl were discussing how tough the test was…but DI was very tough…a girl was telling this to her bf….when I reached home my friends were waiting for me for the lunch…we cheered for the CAT 2005…n had lunch…Most of the ppl who worked hard and gave their best shud get the admission…this is the truth and the reason why y my best effort was not enuf to make it to IIMs… of luck..Ravish…better luck nxt time…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Are jiyo !!!!
    You kinda xpressed your thoughts completely..

    Well,coming to the nub of the story,Cat is a great equalizer buddy..don’t worry.. keep your fingers crossed till the results are out..But i am sure you would have tamed the feline monster to your advantage :-))


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yo Bhai,
    a very vivid recollection of D-Day. Though, I must confess that I couldn’t care any more or less about your CAT performance, but i surely think you made quite a blunder in not getting that beautiful girl’s phone number who shoved u aside ;). In my opnion, the negative marks u get for that far exceeds the one-third stipulation as per CAT…hehe. And yeah, as previously mentioned before, wait out the results and there’s no need to be agrieved. CAT isn’t certainly the end of the world my dear German!

    — Ani

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